Sunday, March 22, 2015

Event: Transforming Spaces 2015 - Art Galleries, Nassau, New Providence ENDS on Sunday, March 22, 2015 -- The Bahamas, West Indies

Transforming Spaces 2015
Event: Transforming Spaces  - Art Galleries, Nassau, New Providence on Saturday, March 21, 2015 and Sunday, March 22, 2015 -- The Bahamas, West Indies.  For further information:
Event Description: "Transforming Spaces is an annual island-wide art tour in in Nassau, The Bahamas, showcasing the best in contemporary Bahamian visual art. Now in it’s eleventh year, the tour, under no designated theme, will present artwork from Bahamian artists as well as from abroad, in 6 local galleries. It will also include a film night, a lecture series, and a closing lounge. See our schedule for more details ... Transforming Spaces began with a core group of participants—Jackson Burnside III, John Cox, Antonius Roberts, Tyrone Ferguson, Jay Koment and Erica James—who shared one common goal: to get artists to work together to expose Bahamian art. It was an exciting time at the turn of the century—The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas opened its doors with an Inaugural National Exhibition in 2003, finally formally spotlighting Bahamian visual art in the eyes of the country and the region. This sparked a series of artistic projects and new galleries that continue to develop Bahamian visual art at a rapid pace to this day. Transforming Spaces is proud to be a defining voice in this conversation. Year after year, the tour has proven to be a great success as artists and art-lovers alike look forward to that weekend in spring where participating galleries curate their spaces to present innovative displays of Bahamian art." -- Read more:!about_us/cjg9
For further information about NAGB: and For further information about the event: and!about_us/cjg9

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