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Tropicalfete Inc unveils its Labor Day band — Caribbean Life News

Annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY
Tropicalfete Inc unveils its Labor Day band — Caribbean Life News
August, 2013
By Janelle Cabrera
Tropicalfete Inc. unveils the Abyss “Under The Sea,” their 2013 mas presentation for Labor Day, which is being hosted this year by Optimum Events Pro, a premiere events planning company in Brooklyn, New York. The Mas Camp is located at 638 East 32nd St., between Glenwood and Farragut, a location simply known as “D Spot.” Janelle Cabrera, the founder of Optimum Events Pro is known for producing a series of events encompassing various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. One of her own events is an all exclusive Labor Day fete including live soca bands, disc jockeys out of Trinidad and Tobago, soca artistes and more. This year’s event will feature “Zoelah” the night before Labor Day. Tropicalfete’s costumes will unleash the imagination of various designers depicting Life “Under the Sea” for 2013. Tropicalfete’s costumes project is a fun feel and educational experience. This year the band seeks to transport patrons through its costumes “Under the Sea.” Read more:
Schedule of Events for WID Parade:
1. Caribbean Woodstock & Costume Competition – Thursday Aug 29th at 8pm
2. Stay In School Youth Talent Show – Friday Aug 30th – Daytime
3. Brass Fest – Friday 30th Aug 2013 at 8pm
4. Kiddies Carnival – Aug 31st – Daytime
5. Steelband Panorama – Aug 31st at 8pm
6. Dimanche Gras – Sep’t 1st at 7pm
All shows will be held at the Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY
For additional information,, 646-504-3303, and 347-860-9085 or visit: and Related Article: “Concerns about the future of New York’s annual West Indian Carnival:”

"The Abyss - Under the Sea" by TropicalFete

Exhibition: Marlana Adele Vassar’s “Call and Response” Art Show through August 31, 2013 at the August Wilson Center — Pittsburgh PA, USA

Marlana Adele Vassar’s “Call and Response” Art Show through August 31, 2013
Exhibition: Marlana Adele Vassar’s “Call and Response” Art Show through August 31, 2013 at the August Wilson Center — Pittsburgh PA, USA
Event Details: the Exhibit runs through August 31, 2013 at 7pm; Location: August Wilson Center, Pittsburgh PA; Event Type: art, exhibit
Event Description: “Call and Response” is an exhibit of five oil paintings by local artist Marlana Adele Vassar. An August Wilson Center Fellow for the 2102-13 season, Marlana's work is beautifully responsive to themes of motion, poetry and music. The exhibition is on view through August 31, 2013 in the Remix Right Gallery at the August Wilson Center:
For further information about the artist: and For further information about the show:

NAGB and Doongalik Studios: Art Supply Drive Final Date is Saturday, August 31, 2013 10am - 4pm -- Nassau, Bahamas

NAGB and Doongalik Studios: Art Supply Drive Final Date is
Saturday, August 31, 2013
NAGB and Doongalik Studios: Art Supply Drive Final Date is Saturday, August 31, 2013 10am - 4pm --Nassau, Bahamas; Time: from Saturday, August 31, 2013 10:00 AM to Saturday, August 31, 2013 4:00 PM; Organizer The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas; Place: The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas; Event Description: This Back-To-School Season, Doongalik Studios Art Gallery and The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas will each adopt a government high school in their community and bolster their art programs by providing much needed supplies to their students. Artist materials are expensive and many students cannot afford even the most basic supplies. We are therefore encouraging the community to donate unopened/gently used art supplies (i.e. sketch paper, pencils, charcoal, paint, brushes etc.) during the month of August. Materials can be dropped off at either gallery location and 100% of the supplies will go directly to the art departments and fuel the creative expression of young Bahamian artists. Help put a paint brush or pencil in the hands of an art student. Help us drive the dream. For more information, please contact Orchid Burnside at 394.1886 or Jordia Benjamin at 328.5800,, and

Performance Event: "Verses" with Poet Tantra-Zawadi on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 9:30pm at Nuyorican Poet's Cafe — NYC, USA

"Verses" with Poet Tantra-Zawadi on Saturday, August 31, 2013
at Nuyorican Poet's Café
Performance Event: "Verses" with Poet by Tantra-Zawadi on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 9:30pm at Nuyorican Poet's Cafe — NYC, USA; Time: August 31, 2013 at 9:30pm to September 1, 2013 at 12am; Location: Nuyorican Poet's Café; Street: 236 East 3rd Street (bet. Aves B & C); City/Town: New York City; Event Type: poetry, performance; Organized By: Urbintel Productions
Event Description: "Urbintel Productions Presents 'Verses' featuring poet/author Tantra-zawadi - with special guests: Danny Simmons, Queen GodIs, The Mighty Third Rail and Edwin Boone. Hosted by Helena D. Lewis."   —
Welcome to the The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, a cultural icon on New York's Lower East Side since 1973. The Nuyorican presents groundbreaking works of literature, music, theater, performance art, poetry slam, hip hop, visual art and champions established as well as rising artists from every background imaginable. For further information:, and . For further information about the artist:, and

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Sean Paul, 'Biggest name on Balloon Festival' on Friday, August 30, 2013... says — Jamaica Gleaner

Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival in France on Friday, August 30, 2013
Sean Paul, 'Biggest name on Balloon Festival' 
on Friday, August 30, 2013
... says — Jamaica Gleaner
Published: Wednesday | August 21, 2013
Multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning artiste Sean Paul makes his second appearance at the 26th annual Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival this Friday, August 30, at the Parc de la Baie. The Jamaican superstar headlines the opening night of the four-day Labour Day weekend festival along with Quebec rockstar Garou. The festival runs from Friday, August 30 to Monday, September 2, at the Parc de la Baie in Gatineau and features a wide array of activities and family entertainment which includes hot-air balloons, live performances, an amusement park, circus performers, comedians and lots more. Sean Paul who recently completed a European tour for his album Tomahawk Technique is dubbed by as "the biggest name at the festival". The Other Side Of Love singer has never been in a hot-air balloon but thinks the festival produces a great show and promises an equally great performance.
"My fans can expect an exciting, exhilarating, entertaining and energetic performance," he commented in an interview. The artiste also states that along with the bike path in Montreal, the festival is his favourite experience of Canada. "The festival, in general, is well attended and I like well attended shows and the crowd is just happy."Sean Paul for Jamaica Gleaner
The artiste appears at the balloon festival shortly after completing two successful shows in Chile on August 8 and 11 and the Zumba Fitness concert in Orlando, Thursday, August 15. Sean Paul is the first Jamaican artiste to have a Zumba workout done to his music, adding to his numerous achievements. Sean Paul is currently working on his sixth studio album to be released within the year. The artiste has released the first video for the single, Other Side of Love which is featured on the album. Read more: Related article: For further information:,, and

Film festival, bpTT to award $20,000 to best local film in development - Deadline Friday, August 30, 2013 -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 

Film festival, bpTT to award $20,000 to best local film in development
Deadline Friday, August 30, 2013
The trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) has announced an open call for submissions for its annual Film in Development Award, sponsored by bpTT. The award, which is for a narrative or documentary feature film in pre-production (at least 72 minutes long), comes with a cash prize of $20,000. To be eligible for the award, applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of Trinidad and Tobago at work on a film being made here. Applicants can apply as the director, writer or creative producer of the film. Documents that must be provided are a director’s statement, a completed script for a narrative film, a treatment between five and ten pages long for a documentary, an estimated budget, a list of key production members, and a production timeline.
Important Dates: Submission should be sent to no later than August 30, 2013. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by September 15, 2013 and the awardee will be announced at the ttff/13 awards ceremony on September 29, 2013.
Read more:,181781.html. For further information: and

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National Gallery pays tribute to Wilfred Francis -- Jamaica Gleaner

'In Depth' by Wilfred Francis (JG Photo by Anthea McGibbon)
National Gallery pays tribute to Wilfred Francis
Published: Thursday | August 29, 2013
The National Gallery of Jamaica has expressed regret at the passing of self-taught artist Wilfred Francis last Wednesday.  The board and staff of the National Gallery of Jamaica also extend sincere condolences to the family and friends of Wilfred.  Francis, who was popularly known as 'Jabba', was born in Spanish Town on August 24, 1924 - he died just three days short of his 89th birthday - and started painting some time in 1966.  His first exhibition on record was the 1967 festival exhibition where his work was favourably received, though he withdrew from the formal art world shortly after.  Nearly 40 years later, he started exhibiting again, encouraged by art dealer and collector Wayne Gallimore, and in 2004 had his first and only solo exhibition at the Mutual Gallery. His unique style and eccentric, visionary imagination were a revelation to many in the Jamaican art world, and late in life he acquired a small but enthusiastic following of collectors.
"While there was always some awareness of his work among specialised collectors of intuitive art, Francis notoriously priced his works much higher than most would have been willing to pay, which may have been a strategy to maintain his personal and artistic independence from the demands and patronage of the formal art world."  -- Jamaica Gleaner
It is of note that he kept most of his works until late in life to serve, as he put it to Sana Rose in 2004, as "a gallery for myself [to] have my paintings to look at, surround me and give me a sense of comfort". Read more: For further information: and

Richard Rampersad: Young and Artsy -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Visit Artist Richard Rampersad on Facebook!
Young and Artsy
Published: Thursday, August 29, 2013
Zahra Gordon
It can take some people decades to find the courage to be a full-time artist. However, for 23-year-old painter and multimedia artist Richard Rampersad there was no question about what he wanted to do or his courage to do it.
“I am an artist. This is what I’ve chosen to do. Art has become my way of life,” he said during an interview at the University of the West Indies’ Department of Creative and Festival Arts. -- Richard Rampersad to T&T Guardian
Rampersad, who graduated from the UWI this year with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art is taking a practical approach to making a living from his art. Although Rampersad is first and foremost a painter, he explores various types of art and uses his explorations to provide a steady income. Apart from painting, Rampersad also makes jewelry and ceramic items for sale. He also practices Rangoli—Hindu festival art—and is a mehendi applicator. Rampersad also participates in monthly artists’ markets. Rampersad shared that his love for art grew from a childhood fascination with colour. “That attraction naturally grew into experimentation and that is how I started painting,” he said. While attending Vishnu Boys Hindu College, Rampersad was then able to get his initial formal training in art and made it to the top of his art class at graduation. Read more: For further information about the artist: 

Amazon's Book Reviews: Caribbean Authors — Patrick Chamoiseau

Patrick Chamoiseau was born on December 3, 1953 in Fort-de-France, Martinique. Chamoiseau may also safely be considered as one of the most innovative writers to hit the French literary scene since Louis-Ferdinand Céline. His freeform use of French language — a highly complex yet fluid mixture of constant invention and "creolism" — fuels a poignant and sensuous depiction of Martinique people in particular and humanity at large. His novel Texaco was awarded the Prix Goncourt in 1992, and was chosen as a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. It has been described as "a masterpiece, the work of a genius, a novel that deserves to be known as much as Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth and Cesaire’s Return to My Native Land". Read more:

This is a review for Texaco: A Novel by Patrick Chamoiseau - It took me a little while to get into the rhythm of this book...I had just recently finished reading another book with a more linear storyline, but I kept at it and was rewarded with a wonderful, highly nuanced, passionate, and an ultimately funny story told by Marie-Sophie, Texaco's protector. Texaco, the place, is the heartbeat of the Creole nation of Martinique. Texaco, the book is peppered with ideas that are more eloquently described by Creole words or phrases. Chamoiseau is a brilliant writer who for me recalls Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Umberto Eco. I highly enjoy his work. Read more:

This is a review for School Days by Patrick Chamoiseau - Patrick Chamoiseau, I bow at your altar; you are sheer genius. Pure magic flows from the ink in your pen. "School Days" leaves me with gratitude to share a glimpse of your life growing up in Martinique. We are the exact same age almost to the day. We grew up in starkly different worlds, yet your story reveals more similarities than differences. You sing the universality of kids growing up and trying to make sense of the world, with all its insipid restraints and rules imposed by adults. That is the magic of "School Days." You grew up yearning to go to school; so did I. You grew up with a strong mother and siblings who competed in family chaos; so did I. You grew up with a mama-teacher who molly-coddled you for the first few years; so did I. Later you had strict and unapproachable teachers who always had their pets and constantly changed the goalposts; so did I. You were expected to leave your nascent patois at home and redefine your world in French. That was not exactly my case but in many ways my own experience of transitioning from childhood to young adulthood was tantamount to the same baptism by fire. Same journey with different scenery along the mileposts. Read more:

This is a review forChronicle of the Seven Sorrows by Patrick Chamoiseau - Some of the best things we've ever been, the connections that make us who we are, will never be recorded in print. The life we lived and where we fit in survives only in memory. After those who knew us are gone, there will be no one to repeat our stories. Entire populations will vanish, perhaps to make a brief appearance in accounts of war or disaster. Don't let that happen. The people in Chronicle Of The Seven Sorrows will never grace the pages of textbooks. Their very existence is almost lost to time. A culture rich in heritage, beliefs, and far too much suffering has vanished. Only ghosts and a few authors like Chamoiseau strive to keep the past alive. It is our loss, you'll realize after reading Chronicle Of The Seven Sorrows. We have cheated ourselves and we have been cheated. There was a time in Martinique when its people still listened to the voices of ghosts, dorlis, and zombies. The undead as much a part of their lives as the buyers in the marketplace, and often, the only verbal link to their past. Memories of slavery, brutality, and stolen moments of joy, remained only beneath grave soil. And, while not everyone stayed to hear the song of their history, there were some who were unable to tear themselves away. Read more:

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Exhibition: “Breathing” – New works by Jim Kuhlman - ENDS August 28th, 2013 at Masterworks — Bermuda, WI

Exhibition: “Breathing” through August 28th, 2013
Exhibition: “Breathing” – New works by Jim Kuhlman - ENDS August 28th, 2013 at Masterworks — Bermuda, West Indies - Event Description: Special Exhibit - Artist Jim Kuhlman is exhibiting his delightful watercolour paintings in his show “Breathing.”   Inspired by scenic views, light and the colours of Bermuda, Jim uses distinct brush strokes and an eye for detail to create breath-taking pieces. Complimentary wine and cheese. Donations are gratefully accepted. The show will stay open until August 28th.  Artwork available for purchase.
Artist’s Statement: “It was The Blue:  When I first visited Cambridge Beaches in 1998, it was The Blue that seduced me. If you have never been to Bermuda, no words can describe it to you; if you have been to Bermuda, no words are necessary. A pencil artist for over three decades, I kept saying that someone should paint the infinite beauty of the island. Next to The Blue was the bleachingly bright white of the rooftops, with their unique step profiles. Finally, there was the confectionary of pastels, mainly pinks, of the walls themselves. Someone should paint all of this… I had no idea it would be me.”Jim Kuhlman, Artist
Bermuda Masterworks is located in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Paget. Bus routes 1,2 & 7. Signage in the Gardens will direct you to the museum. For further information: and For further information about the artist:

BSOA Gallery's 60th Anniversary invitational show ENDS on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 — Bermuda, West Indies

A Bermuda scene by Chris Burville showing at BSOA
BSOA Gallery's 60th Anniversary invitational show
ENDS on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
Sarah Lagan, Sub-editor/Writer — Bermuda Sun
Friday, August 09, 2013
The Bermuda Society of Arts continues celebrating its 60th anniversary with an invitational exhibition featuring nine local artists. The new show opens at the gallery this evening from 5pm to 7pm. The mixed media show features abstracts by Robert Basset; pastels by April Branco; photographs by Chris Burville; oil paintings by Rhona Emmerson; watercolours by Stephen Masters; furniture designer and maker David Mitchell; mixed fibres and prints by Ami Zanders; and mixed media by Charles Zuill. There will be wine and hors d’oeuvres served at the opening reception. The gallery described the show as:
“Nine names, nine mediums, nine very different artists, all one amazing show.”Bermuda Society of Arts
The show is just one of a series of exhibits and events taking place over the year to celebrate BSoA’s 60th anniversary. Source: For further information:  For further information about artist Chris Burville:

'The Butler' puts King's dream in perspective -- Jamaica Gleaner

Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker stars in 'The Butler'
(Image Credit: Anne Marie Fox)
'The Butler' puts King's dream in perspective
Published: Wednesday | August 28, 2013
Marcia Rowe, Gleaner Writer
Lee Daniels' The Butler is a compelling period drama. It traverses the life journey of an African-American butler named Cecil Gaines, whose exposure and experiences illustrate repulsion, resignation, grief and finally amazement as he travels from the harshness of cotton plantation life to a ritualistic orderly life as a butler in the White House. The creatively written and well directed film is nicely executed with fine acting by Forest Whitaker (Cecil), Oprah Winfrey (Gloria, Cecil's wife), David Oyelowo (Louis, Gaines eldest son) and Cuba Gooding Jr (Gaines' co-worker). The story begins in 1926 when young Cecil witnesses the killing of his father by a son of their Caucasian owner because Gaines senior asked him to desist from raping his wife. Subsequently, after a stint in the big house as a house slave, as well as living with a mentally deranged mother, Cecil finds the condition unbearable and decides to leave, but his decision leads to more hardship before finding a job as a waiter at a hotel in Washington DC, and sometime later, asked to work at the White House where he served five Presidents - Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Reagan. Read more: Related Articles: and

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New Ziggy Marley scholarship for artistes -- Jamaica Gleaner

Ziggy Marley
(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
New Ziggy Marley scholarship for artistes
Published: Tuesday | August 27, 2013
LAMA College for Music Professionals (LAMA) president, Tom Alyesbury, recently announced a scholarship in the name of Grammy-winning reggae star Ziggy Marley. According to, the Ziggy Marley Artist Scholarship is to be awarded annually to the most deserving applicant for LAMA's music degree programmes. Last week, the music college hosted Marley and Grammy-winning producer Native Wayne Jobson for LAMA's new #LetsTalkMusic series, a private, invite-only event hosted every quarter for students, alumni, and associates. Jobson interviewed Marley on several topics, which included his history in the music industry, his journey as an artiste, and his aspirations to effect change with his music.
"It is a great honour for LAMA to offer our incoming students such a prestigious scholarship in Ziggy Marley's name." -- Tom Alyesbury, LAMA President
He also stated that it was fitting for Marley and Jobson to be the guests at LAMA's inaugural #LetsTalkMusic series. "Both are extremely successful and passionate about music and will provide an invaluable learning experience for our students and alumni," Alyesbury is quoted as saying. LAMA College for Music Professionals is a contemporary music school located in California. Read more: For further information:, and

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De Freitas art exhibition -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

"Beach House" by Clayton De Freitas
De Freitas art exhibition
Monday, August 26 2013
Clayton De Freitas has been a lover of the arts from a very young age. Born in Trinidad in 1962, Clayton grew up among the renowned “gingerbread” houses before moving to the Netherlands Antilles. On the islands of St Marten and Saba, Clayton was socially active in the arts, participating in exhibitions and teaching at an elementary level. His passion for painting continued throughout the years, leading him to explore several different media including watercolour, acrylic, fabric paint and pen and ink. He eventually returned to Trinidad, continuing to produce his beautiful works despite his deteriorated vision in one eye and near blindness in the other, something that makes his work exceptional. He continues to be socially active in the arts, working with drug rehab programmes in various prisons in addition to conducting other therapy activities he conducts. Currently, Clayton holds the position of Assistant Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society. Clayton’s exhibition, titled “Memories,” is comprised of watercolour pieces in sepia tones that are full of depth and evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. The compositions span a variety of subjects, from distant figures on quiet beaches to dense foliage in remote areas, where he used light to create sharp contrast in the works. Source:,182775.html. For further information about the gallery: For further information about the artist: and

Amazon's Book Reviews: Caribbean Authors — Neil Bissoondath

Neil Devindra Bissoondath (born April 19, 1955 in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago) is a Canadian author who lives in Ste-Foy, Quebec. He is a noted writer of fiction, and also an outspoken critic of Canada's system of multiculturalism. He is the nephew of authors V.S. Naipaul and Shiva Naipaul. Bissoondath attended St. Mary's College in Trinidad and Tobago. Although he was from a Hindu tradition, he was able to adapt to a Catholic high school. Bissoondath describes himself as not very religious and distrustful of dogma. In the early Seventies, political upheaval and economic collapse had created a climate of chaos and violence in the island nation. In 1973, at the age of eighteen, Bissoondath left Trinidad and settled in Ontario, where he studied at York University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in French in 1977. He then taught English and French at the Inlingua School of Languages and the Toronto Language Workshop. He won the McClelland and Stewart award and the National Magazine award, both in 1986, for the short story "Dancing." In 2010 he was made a Chevalier of the Ordre national du Québec. Read more:

This is a review for Selling illusions: The cult of multiculturalism in Canada by Neil Bissoondath - Bissoondath successfully takes the discourse around multiculturalism out of the hands of ideologues and puts it in the context of the individuals experiencing it in day to day living. The intellectual agility displayed in the respectful manner in which Bissoondath examines the delicate issues related to identity while not falling victim to political correctness run amok is truly to be admired. Selling Illusions touches on the impact identity relative judgements have had on longstanding legal tradition, the contradictions hyphenated identities have presented, and the challenges facing majorities. A balanced treatment of both the politically left and right while tearing down the extremists of both ends of the spectrum, allowing for a fair perspective.
Read more:

This is a review for The Unyielding Clamor of the Night: A Novel by Neil Bissoondath - For a novel that is often cerebral inside Arun's mind, there are a number of exciting events that occur. Arun begins to teach the soldiers at the camp and develops a friendship with a young officer named Seth. There are a number of secrets within this small town that peel off like layers of an onion. However Bissoondath takes a major risk because it is very hard to understand or like characters who resort to terrorism. With Anjani's death, we learn who the bombmaker is just as Arun learns the true causes of his parents' death. We are presented with a third-world society where no one's hands are clean. Education and social stratification vie with the notion that in war the end must justify the means. As Arun's good friend Seth sits on the platform waiting for the train that will soon take him home to meet his new son, the book ends with a bang. After spending so much time with these characters and getting a glimpse into a hard existence, it is sad that Bissoondath leaves no one for whom we can cheer. Neil's prose at first struck me as overly wordy, but eventually I came to enjoy his lyrical descriptions of the beach, town & life of people in Omeara. Read more:

This is a review for Doing the Heart Good by Neil Bissoondath - I have all of Neil's novels and this one rates close to being one of his best, with my favourite being 'The Innocence of Age'. A well read and intelligent author, do yourself a favour and add this and his other books to your library. Read more:

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Exhibition: “EXPLOSURE” by artist Averia Wright ENDS Sunday, August 25, 2013 at NAGB — Bahamas, West Indies

Exhibition: “EXPLOSURE” by artist Averia Wright ENDS Sunday, August 25, 2013 at NAGB — Bahamas, West Indies; Organizer The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas; Place The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas; Address: Villa Doyle. West and West Hill Streets, Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas; Tel: 242.328.5800/1; Fax: 242.322.1180; Email: Description: A solo exhibition featuring new ceramic sculpture works by artist Averia Wright. As a continuation of the integration of medias; ceramics, wood and metal, these works will delve into the investigation of space and design. The exhibition will be in the Project Space gallery and will run from August 8th through the first week of September.
Artist’s Statement: “My medium of choice is clay in this more technological world also has to do with my background; working with my hands to create something is a primitive necessity. Manipulating slabs and coils of clay to make a three dimensional object from an image in my mind or from paper are truly a passion and a challenge to experience…”Averia Wright
For further information about the exhibition: For further information about the gallery: For further information about the artist:

Brazil's top modern artist gets Rio homecoming -- (AP) Caymanian Compass

Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes poses in front of one of her paintings
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, Aug. 23, 2013 (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)
Brazil's top modern artist gets Rio homecoming
Aug. 25, 2013
By JENNY BARCHFIELD, Associated Press
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — She's the toast of New York and beloved in Paris and London, but Beatriz Milhazes thinks there's no place like home. More than a decade after her last show in her native Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's highest-paid artist is gearing up for a homecoming of sorts, a major retrospective spanning most of her 30-year career. The exhibition, opening Thursday at the Paco Imperial Cultural Center in downtown Rio, brings together more than five dozen paintings, silk screens and collages covered in Milhazes' signature riot of saturated color, concentric circles, upbeat flowers and meandering arabesques.
"I've shown in places that are obviously very exciting for any artist, but in a way showing in your city — I was born here and still live and work here — kind of grabs you more, excites you more, stirs you up more," Milhazes told The Associated Press in a Friday interview as she supervised the installation of the exhibit, entitled "Meu Bem," Portuguese for "My Dear." ''It's being able to say, 'Mom, look what I've done.'" -- Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes
Milhazes has plenty to show off. The 53-year-old has exhibited in the Venice Biennial, had a solo show at Paris' Fondation Cartier and has works in the Reina Sofia National Museum in Spain and New York's Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art. Read more:'s%20Homecoming/id-ce1197363a544250a3a16e60bbbd437b. For further information about the artist: and

R&B stars record full length reggae project -- Jamaica Gleaner

For further information on the 9INE Project:
R&B stars record full length reggae project
Published: Sunday | August 25, 2013
R&B and Soul vocalists Syleena Johnson and Musiq Soulchild have joined forces with acclaimed reggae producer Kemar McGregor, aka Flava McGregor, to create a full-length reggae-influenced project titled 9INE. The official video for the lead single Feel the Fire has also been released. The 9INE project, which was birthed after the acclaimed singers got together to record a duet for McGregor's compilation album, is comprised of nine tracks recorded in nine days, by the artistes who are coincidentally born in the ninth month of the year (September). Source: For further information:

Don Drummond book out — Jamaica Gleaner

Don Drummond

Don Drummond book out — Jamaica Gleaner
Published: Friday | August 23, 2013
Don Drummond: The Genius and Tragedy of the World's Greatest Trombonist by Heather Augustyn has been published by McFarland Publishing. The foreword is written by trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis. Through the words of Don Drummond's childhood friends, classmates, musicians, medical staff, legal counsel, and teachers, comes a first-hand story of his "unusual mind". Heather Augustyn spent over two years researching and interviewing key people in Drummond's life to form this comprehensive biography, and travelled to Kingston twice to comb through archives and visit sites to construct the story. She interviewed former Jamaican Prime Minister P.J. Patterson in his office in Kingston and dozens of others. Augustyn is also author of Ska: An Oral History  and Ska: The Rhythm of Liberation Source: For further information:, and

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Rototom celebrates 20 years - Jamaican music festival on in Benicàssim, Spain through Saturday, August 24, 2013 -- Jamaica Gleaner

Rototom Sunsplash Festival 2013
Rototom celebrates 20 years - Jamaican music festival
on in Benicàssim, Spain
Published: Sunday | August 18, 2013
Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer
The 2013 staging of the Rototom Sunsplash Festival was slated to begin yesterday. The kick-off concert line-up includes Chaka Demus and Pliers and Third World Band as the names that would most likely be familiar to Jamaicans. Held in Benicàssim, Spain, it goes until Saturday, August 24 with Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley performing on the final day. Wayne Marshall and Chris Ellis are also featured. In between, there are Protoje, U-Roy, Kabaka Pyrmaid, Iba Mahr, Gyptian, Israel Vibration, Vegas, Ranking Joe, Ce'Cile, Alborosie, Lloyd Parkes and We the People, John Holt, Leroy Sibbles, Richie Spice, Busy Signal, Dubtonic Kru, Tony Matterhorn, Ricky Trooper, Rory Stone Love, Mighty Crown, Kilamanjaro and Renaissance. But there are also some names that would probably not set the reggae pulse of a Jamaican audience racing - Smooth Beans, Exco Levi, Skaff-Links, Sebastian Sturm, Earl Gateshead and Natty Bo and Green Valley. Booking manager for Rototom Sunsplash, Giovanni Vinci, is quick to point to the Jamaican core of Rototom:
"The stars are Jamaicans. Without Jamaicans, there is no party," Vinci said. "That's it. No Jamaicans, no party. It is Jamaican music." -- Giovanni Vinci, Booking Manager - Rototom Sunsplash
Immense Success- It is the 20th staging of Rototom and the fourth in Spain, the first 16 held in Italy. Vinci points out more than once that not only did Rototom change countries, but it also changed languages with immense success. "It is more than double before," Vinci said. "We were in the mountain, now we are on the beach." Read more: For further information:, and

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PechaKucha Night To Be Held on August 22, 2013 at 6:30pm at BSOA — Bermuda News

PechaKucha Night Bermuda 2013
PechaKucha Night To Be Held
on August 22, 2013 at 6:30pm
at BSOA — Bermuda News
August 19, 2013
The fourth PechaKucha Night Bermuda will take place on Thursday [Aug 22] at the Bermuda Society of Arts at the Hamilton City Hall. Doors open at 6.00pm and the show begins at 6.30pm. Organisers Nicky Gurret, Aideen Ratteray Pryse, and Tiago Garcia have invited a variety of visual artists and creative thinkers to present their out-of-the-box ideas on any topic of their choice. The event is open to everyone and admission is free. A spokesperson said:
“At a time when email, Facebook and Twitter seemingly reduce the need for face-to-face encounters, PechaKucha Nights force us out of the house/office and into a social space for stimulation and interaction.”
“PechaKucha Nights [PKN] were started by a pair of Tokyo-based architects who tackled this problem: How do you get a bunch of visual visionaries — many of them isolated, introverted, self-employed people who tend to hunch all day behind their computers — out into social spaces, communicating, drinking, networking? “The solution: Give them a format and a chance to talk about their current interests and listen to others doing the same. The format is a “20×20” where 20 images are projected on a screen, each for 20 seconds, while the presenter talks along with the images.” “The great thing about PKNs is that it is a great night out on the town and one is entertained while being thought provoked,” said Nicky Gurret. “The presentation is automated, so there is no “Can you go back one or stop?” or “Next slide, please”. And, with just 20 seconds per slide, each presenter has exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds for his or her idea!” Following each presentation is a 3 minute 40 second question and answer period. For PechaKucha Night Bermuda on Thursday 22nd August, several of the following presenters are confirmed: Gregory Nelmes-Interior Designer, Sara Corday-Genealogist, Jim Goossens-Urban Planner, Earl Jones-Physicist, and Chris Burville-Photographer. Read more: For updates and information follow PKNs in Bermuda on their Facebook page:; Printable poster: For further information:

For Art Dealers, a New Life on the Fair Circuit — NYTimes

Art Basel in Miami is one of many international art fairs.
Olafur Eliasson’s “Your Shared Planet” at a booth there in 2012. 
(Photo: Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times)
For Art Dealers, a New Life on the Fair Circuit — NYTimes
Published: August 21, 2013
In just the past few months Gordon VeneKlasen, a New York art dealer, flew to Hong Kong for that city’s first global art fair; gave a party for 50 at Harry’s Bar in Venice; installed an exhibition at his gallery in London; spent three days schmoozing American collectors in San Sebastián, Spain; and then jetted off to Switzerland for one of the biggest events of the art-world calendar, Art Basel. To be in the thick of the global art market, the New York dealer Gordon VeneKlasen must travel the world from fair to fair. Mr. VeneKlasen, 51, who has been a dealer in Manhattan for 25 years, recalls a simpler time, just a decade ago, when he could sit in his gallery on East 77th Street waiting for buyers to step through the door.
“It was a much gentler life,” he said. “You were in your gallery, and people came to you. The travel was for very special purposes, and it was not constant. Now, they have us marching.”Gordon VeneKlasen, New York art dealer
Globalization has come to the art market, and dealers are being forced out of their comfortable galleries in venerable art capitals like New York and London and jumping on a worldwide carousel of art fairs from Miami to Hong Kong to Basel to São Paulo. By offering what a gallery cannot — seemingly endless gawking at artwork, artists and celebrities — the fairs are as popular, glamorous and fizzy as Cristal, attracting both the new moneyed classes that fly in from Kiev, Shanghai, Doha or Abu Dhabi and the serious American collectors who now prefer to do their browsing at fairs at home and abroad. But their disruptive economics are not only shaking up dealers’ lives, they are also shaking up the art market, especially for galleries below the top tier. Read more:[]. For further information: Related article:

Keeping a legacy alive -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Trinidad & Tobago's first Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams

Keeping a legacy alive
Published: Thursday, August 22, 2013
Tremaine Soca Warner
For historians like Michael Anthony, Bridget Brereton and Brinsley Samaroo, a large part of the enduring legacy of Dr Eric Williams is owed to his contributions as a Caribbean historian and author. As T&T’s first and longest-serving prime minister, Williams is celebrated for having introduced the system of organised party politics to T&T with the inauguration of the People’s National Movement (PNM) in 1956 before leading the country into the West Indies Federation and later to independence within the Commonwealth in 1962. Just last week, at the unveiling of a plaque in Williams’ honour on Harris Promenade, San Fernando mayor Navi Muradali lamented that the legacy of this “father of the nation” was being lost, with his memory becoming more and more blurred among younger generations. Whether or not Williams is indeed falling into the abyss of apathy shown towards national history in T&T, local historians are certain that apart from his political triumphs, he will be remembered worldwide for his academic contributions and studies in Caribbean history. Read more: For further information: and  Related article:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

‘Visionaries’ take to the stage — Bermuda Sun

Pecha Kucha Night Bermuda
‘Visionaries’ take to the stage —
Bermuda Sun
Sarah Lagan, Sub-editor/Writer
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Family lineage, photography, fashion and urban planning are among the topics to be presented at the fourth Pecha Kucha Night Bermuda. The event will see ten speakers speak at the Bermuda Society of Arts tomorrow evening from 6:30pm. The format is a “20x20” where 20 images are projected on to a screen, each for 20 seconds, while the presenter talks along with the images. Following each presentation is a three minute, 40 second question and answer period. The speakers are Dana Cooper — fashion designer; Sara Corday — genealogist; Chris Burville-photographer; Gregory Nelmes — interior designer; Jim Goossens-urban planner; Earl Jones —physicist; Jeanne Wohlmuth — wellness practitioner; MaryLeigh Burnett, mural artist; Stratton Hatfield — designer and Kristin White — Transitions Bermuda. “The great thing about PKNs is that it is a great night out on the town and one is entertained while being thought provoked,” said one of the event organizers Nicky Gurret. “The presentation is automated, so there is no ‘Can you go back one or stop?’ or ‘Next slide, please’. Read more: For further information: and follow PKNs in Bermuda on their Facebook page:

Arts Column: A prisoner turned Turner Prize winner — Bermuda Sun

“Crusade” by Malcom Morley
Arts Column: A prisoner turned Turner Prize winner — Bermuda Sun
Tom Butterfield, Guest Columnist
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Of all the contemporary artists whose work is found in the Masterworks’ collection, probably one of the most interesting is Malcolm Morley. He was born in London’s run down East End where the blitz of WWII was the most devastating. Morley’s home was one that took a hit and his family lost everything. Growing up poor, petty thievery was a way of life for Morley, and he was finally incarcerated. It was in prison he learned to paint and read extensively.
“He [Malcolm Morley ] first visited Bermuda in 1977 and painted a number of watercolours. Coincidentally, his oil painting “Monarch of Bermuda” was done in 1968 is considered to be the first example photo-realism. In 1984, he won the first Turner Prize, the coveted prize from the Tate named after JMW Turner, Britain’s greatest artist.”Tom Butterfield, Masterworks Museum
In 2000,when he was revisiting some of his Bermuda work, Morley was inspired to create Crusade (pictured above). There is much allegory in the piece as it was painted the year he became an American citizen, thus, using a galleon as a metaphor for transporting him to the US, he also incorporates the banners of the various London Guilds which funded the exploration of the new world. Read more: For further information about the artist:  and For further information about Masterworks Museum: Tom Butterfield is founder and director Masterworks Museum:

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The Barbados Summer Arts Festival (BSAF) ENDS August 18, 2013 at Hastings Rocks in Christ Church — Barbados, West Indies

Barbados Summer Arts Festival Aug 16-18th, 2013
The Barbados Summer Arts Festival (BSAF) ENDS August 18, 2013 at Hastings Rocks in Christ Church — Barbados, West Indies - The Barbados Summer Arts Festival (BSAF) is envisaged as an annual celebration that will not only showcase the best of Barbados’ art forms through various events, including a competitive process, but also contribute to the development of the arts locally and regionally. This, in turn, will contribute to national and regional development, and complement ongoing and established activities that promote and support the arts. The vision of the BSAF is to be the premier event for promoting, supporting, and contributing to the development of Barbados’ artistic talent and associated business opportunities, at both national and international levels. The mission is to produce unique entertainment events, celebrating artistic endeavour and synergies while educating participants, creating new interest for visitors, and promoting economic activity.

See the BSAF Schedule here:
Event Description: “The festival will contribute to development of the arts through events that:
• Expose audiences to the core principles of the selected art forms;
• Raise awareness of the influence of the arts on quality of life;
• Create awareness of job types, functions, and possibilities in the various disciplines; and
• Provide an opportunity for sales, marketing, and development of the tourism product in Barbados and the Caribbean.”
For further information: and

Dana Lowe Art Show: Art interventions and mono-printing on show at cafe Full of Beans -- Caymanian Compass

Artist Dana Lowe on show
at Full of Beans, Cayman Isles
Art interventions and mono-printing on show at cafe
By: Natasha Were |
16 August, 2013
Artist Dana Lowe experiments with new techniques all the time. Examples of her work are currently on display at Full of Beans. A selection of acrylic paintings and mono prints by local artist Dana Lowe adorn the walls of Full of Beans cafe, Pasadora Place, this month. The works are colourful and vibrant, inspired by the bright light of Cayman, says Lowe. The exhibition includes some ‘art interventions’ - which the artist describes as interactions with previous a existing artwork, audience or venue space. “I always remembered the strangeness of bowdlerised school books,” she explains. “I played with this idea by taking a book of nursery rhymes, then blacking out some of the words from the poems to create words or a new story with a very different atmosphere.” Mono-printing, another technique she uses, is a form of print-making where images or lines can only be made once.
“My mono prints are made by rolling printing ink onto a flat surface, placing paper or canvas on the print and drawing on the back. The pressure from the drawing leaves an ink mark on the other side of the paper. The process is experimental because it is impossible to judge exactly how the printed image will turn out.” -- Artist Dana Lowe to Caymanian Compass
Her youngest son, Joshua, is also participating in the exhibition with some artistic contributions of his own: three felt-tip drawings of dragons, drawn entirely from his imagination. Lowe has not always painted full time. In fact, her former occupations include lawyer and university lecturer in law. She has also taken various courses in art and history of art. Since moving to Cayman, she has turned her attention to art as a full time occupation. Read more:  For further information about the artist: and

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Bolt creates history wins 200m final, Weir second -- Jamaica Observer

Usain Bolt (Photo: Matt Dunham/Associated Press)
Bolt creates history wins 200m final, Weir second
Saturday, August 17, 2013 
KINGSTON, Jamaica -- The fastest man on earth Usain Bolt confirmed his legend status taking the 200m final at the World Championship in 19.66 Saturday morning to complete the sprint double after earlier winning the 100m in 9.77. Team mate Olympic bronze medallist Warren Weir was second in 19.79, his personal best with Jamaica denied a sweep by Curtis Mitchell of the US (20.04) who pipped Nickel Ashmeade (20.05) on the line. At the Olympic Games last year Bolt, Yohan Blake and Weir gave the island unprecedented glory copping first, second and third over the distance.   Read more: Related article: For further information: and

Superwoman Shelly - 'Pocket Rocket' lands historic sprint double with 200m gold at World Champs -- Jamaica Gleaner

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (JG Photo)
Superwoman Shelly - 'Pocket Rocket' lands historic sprint double with 200m gold at World Champs
Published: Saturday | August 17, 2013
André Lowe, Senior Staff Reporter
MOSCOW, Russia: Jamaica added two medals on yesterday's seventh day of competition at the IAAF World Champion-ships in Athletics - one, a display of pure class; the other, a reward for courage, class, and determination. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and the Javon Francis-powered men's 4x400m relay team turned the Luzhniki Stadium into a big Jamaican party, as waving flags and Bob Marley songs rocked the iconic Moscow landmark, as Jamaica celebrated its fourth and fifth medals here. Fraser-Pryce became the first Jamaican woman and only the third in history to win the sprint double at the World Championships, adding her 200m title to the 100m gold won on Monday, with another commanding display. The other two World Champs female double-sprint champions are Germans Silke Gladisch in 1987 and Katrin Krabbe in 1991. The two medals won yesterday lifted: Jamaica's tally to five (three gold, one silver, one bronze). Fraser-Pryce, who won in 22.17 ahead of Ivory Coast star Murielle Ahoure and Nigeria's Blessing Okagbare, who both posted 22.32, was extremely excited about her latest success, noting that the 200m has given her greater self-belief.
"Accomplishing this one-two (100m, 200m double) has given me a new appreciation of the talent and coach that I have," said Fraser-Pryce after her win. Also, the fact that if I want something to be done and I put my mind to it, if it doesn't happen the first time or the second time, as long as I never give up and lose focus it can be achieved."-- Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Fraser-Pryce's coach, Stephen Francis, also gave the run his stamp of approval, well sort of. Read more:  For further information:

Event: Virginia Caribfest 2013 ENDS August 17th — Norfolk VA, USA

Virginia Caribfest 2013 on August 16th
and 17th
Event: Virginia Caribfest 2013 ENDS August 17th — Norfolk VA, USA
2013 Virginia Caribfest: Location; Town Point Park; Norfolk, VA USA
Come and experience the pageantry of dazzling fusion of colors, creativity, music, masquerades and incredible art at the street parade. Then enjoy Live authentic Caribbean music at Town Point Park with International recording artists, and electrifying diverse audience with high-energy tunes that will move the crowd to dance under the stars. Local and regional Caribbean acts take the stage and unite festival-goers with the infectious, pulsating tropical rhythmic sounds of REGGAE, CALYPSO and SOCA and yes, the sweet beat of the STEELPAN music. This is a day of tropical rhythm, cuisine, carnival and culture as only the Caribbean can offer! The 8th Annual Caribbean Festival will see Caribbean acts take the stage with the infectious, pulsating tropical rhythmic sounds of REGGAE, CALYPSO and SOCA and yes, the sweet beat of the STEELPAN music. This is a day of tropical rhythm, cuisine, carnival and culture.
SCHEDULE:  AUGUST 16 - J’Ouvert Boat ride on the Spirit of Norfolk, a fun and festive, three-deck dining cruise vessel; Boat ride tickets: $50.00 — SOLD OUT!
AUGUST 17 - Carnival parade in the streets of downtown Norfolk, Virginia; Tickets - under five years old: free; 5 to 12 years old: $5.00; 13 years and older: $10 —
The parade begins at E. Water Street (near Harbor Park Parking Lot “F”). The parade will proceed West on Waterside Drive, turn right onto Martin Lane, left onto W. Main Street, right onto Granby Street, left on Plume St, left on Boush Street, East on Waterside Drive and end back at E. Water Street. For further information:,,,,