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Museum group gives thanks for 80 years -- Barbados Advocate

Barbados Museum and Historical Society's 80th Anniversary
on May 31, 2013
Museum group gives thanks for 80 years
By Kerri Gooding
The Barbados Museum and Historical Society will be celebrating its 80th anniversary on May 31 as it looks back and charts the way forward. Council President, Dr. Trevor Carmichael, told The Barbados Advocate that Friday will be a day of reflection, “a day we look at all of our accomplishments over 80 years; a day when we think about our mission, which is a big one, and which we are hopefully doing every day as best we can. So on the day of the 31st will be very much a day of reflection, reflecting on the past and thinking very much about the future and how we can set programmes which are effective and relevant both to our society and humanity as a whole.” Canon Devere Murrell prayed for continuity and longevity for the museum. He blessed those who, over the years, have contributed their time, work and effort to the institution. Then he made an appeal that “through guidance and direction they will continue in their vocation of building up the society and helping us all to be aware of the important things in life.” Deputy Director of the Society, Kevin Farmer, further added that the festivities will occur on the anniversary day and during this week as well.
“On the 31st, which is our Fund-raising Gala in the afternoon, the 28th we do have ‘Behind-the-scenes’ where we invited the public to come from 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.” -- Kevin Farmer, Deputy Director of the Society
But, going forward he is adamant that more will be done in terms of outreach and education saying, “Every quarter, every three months, we will be having an event at the museum inviting the public in. Some will be free, some will be small donation but we will be doing that.” Read more: For further information: and

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Exhibition: Carlisle Harris – New Paintings ENDS 30 May, 2013 — 101 Art Gallery, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

'Entrities of Reason' - acrylic by Carlisle Harris
Exhibition: Carlisle Harris – New Paintings ENDS 30 May, 2013 — 101 Art Gallery, Trinidad & Tobago, WI - ENDS Thursday, 30 May, 2013; Location: 84 Woodford Street, Newtown, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.; Phone: (868) 628-4081; Email: For further information about the gallery: and
Artist’s Statement: “I have been working around a central theme for a number of years in an effort to resolve fully my expressions. This theme always related to peoples’ inner strength and their sustained faith. This perforce has involved articulation of interpersonal relationship and the value therein to society. I firmly believe that society suffers without faith, inner strength and good relations.” — Carlisle Harris
For further information about the artist: and  For further information about the show:

Arts Column: Houghton Cranford Smith — Bermuda Sun

'Amaryllis by Open Window' by Houghton Cranford Smith
Arts Column: Houghton Cranford Smith — Bermuda Sun
Elise Outerbridge, Guest Columnist
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Houghton Cranford Smith (American 1887-1983)- Smith painted landscapes for more than seventy-five years. He was first inspired by Impressionism and then moved on to a precisionist style inspired by the French purists, such as Amedee Ozenfant. He visited Bermuda on at least three occasions-in 1911 with his Impressionist mentor, Charles Hawthorne from Provincetown Mass. and painted House above the Water and then in 1912 with Ambrose Webster with whom he explored their mutual interest in colour producing several vibrant works inspired by the luscious scenery. However, his most notable body of Bermudian work was made in 1929 after the dramatic change in his style. He came to the island on board the S.S. Fort Victoria on Wednesday January 16, 1929 with his wife, Elena and two children. He rented Cedarhurst on Wilkinson Avenue, Bailey’s Bay, which inspired many of his paintings from this visit. He used the waters of Harrington Sound and the “Queen Anne” style of architecture as the backdrop of his works. Read more: Read more: ELISE OUTERBRIDGE if curator of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.

Exhibition: "ANNIVERSARY SHOW" at WALTON GALLERY ENDS May 30, 2013 -- Petersburg,VA, USA

'Brindle' by artist Lou Stovall
Artist Profile: Lou Stovall was born in Athens, Georgia in 1937 and grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and at Howard University (B.F.A.). Since 1962, he has lived and worked in Washington, DC. His drawings and silkscreen prints have earned him grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Stern Family Fund. Stovall's own prints and drawings are part of numerous public and private collections throughout the world. Though his craft is that of a printmaker, Stovall's passion for art extends beyond a single medium. He gives the same care and attention to his archival framing and furniture construction as he does to his intricate prints and drawings.
For further information: For further information about the artist:

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Exhibit: Visual Arts Society's “Art at the Bay” ENDS 29 May, 2013 - Visual Arts Society gets ready for Camana Bay exhibit -- Caymanian Compass

Gordon Solomon’s work will be on show (CC Photo)
Exhibit: Visual Arts Society's “Art at the Bay”
Visual Arts Society gets ready for Camana Bay exhibit -- Caymanian Compass
ENDS 29 May, 2013
The Visual Arts Society will be featuring their annual art show, “Art at the Bay”, this month at Camana Bay. It will be held at the art space across from Bedside Manor from 17 to 29 May. The Annual Art show has been running almost consecutively for more than 25 years. They have missed a few years in-between – one due to Hurricane Ivan and last year due to no appropriate venue... So far, they have more than 20 artists participating in the art exhibition with a combination of well-known artists such as Gordon Solomon, Avril Ward, Charles Long, and many up and coming artists such as Shirley Scott, Karen Coles, Mary McCallum, Laurel Schmid, Rasitha Sanjeeva, John Broad and Katherine Chiazza.
“Gail Tibbits and Eileen Davidson will be featuring our newest addition with their jewellery creations... We will also have a larger selection of ceramics and sculptures on display for sale. We have a few artist lined up to offer demonstrations through-out the opening times of the exhibition such as a wheel demonstration from ceramist Alan Darvil.” -- Mary McCallum, Cayman Visual Arts Society
The opening reception will take place on Thursday, 16 May, from 5 to 8pm, Mary says... For more information, please email or visit: and For further information about the artist's work featured above: and

Kessa Seale: When art comes together -- Trinidad & Tobago Express

'The Wave' by Kessa Seale
When art comes together
By Essiba Small
Story Created: May 28, 2013
Following a successful first exhibition in February at Studio 66, Barataria, mosaic artist Kessa Seale is now ready to pass on what she knows. The Tacarigua-based Seale, a graphic artist by profession, will host a three-day class on The Art of Mosaics on June 9, 16 and 23. “A lot of people have been asking me to do this, since I had my show in February” Seale said. For her, nothing happens before its time. She waited seven years before doing her own show because she wanted to learn more about her art. As a self-taught mosaic artist, Seale said she hardly wanted to appear “green” at her first show. The tutoring aspect, which came on the heels of the exhibit, was also something she didn’t plan for but again the timing was right.
“I am accustomed to teaching my new employees but this will be my first time teaching a class... I am very excited about it.” -- Kessa Seale, Artist
Seale first developed an interest in mosaics when her sister brought home a book on the topic. She read all that she could about it and through trial and error developed her own technique. Read more: For further information about the artist: Related article:

Exhibition: ART DATES YOU through May 31, 2013 — Toronto, ON, Canada

"Shango Firebird" by Apanaki Temitayo M
Exhibition: ART DATES YOU through May 31, 2013 at 8pm— Toronto, ON, Canada; Time: May 24, 2013 at 10am to May 31, 2013 at 8pm; Location: Artscape Wychwood Barns #3 601 Christie St, Studio 251 Toronto, ON, Canada M6G 4C7; Event Type: exhibition; Organized By: Apanaki Temitayo M; Event Description - We’re making art more up close and personal – get to know art and the artist in an intimate way through date by number. Grab a number, find your visual artist, and let the art woo you on your very first blind art date!
Artist;s Profile: Apanaki Temitayo M was born in Toronto, but raised in Trinidad and Tobago. She is an author, spoken-word poet, actor and multimedia artist. Her canvas compositions are an expression of her Caribbean heritage and spirituality. Her one dimensional acrylic paintings evolved into multi-textured pieces that incorporate African textiles, crystals, beads and shells.
For further information:  and . For further information about the artist:

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Cultural blueprint - Nelson Island to display T&T’s diverse heritage -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

A frontal view of Nelson Island (T&TG Photo)

Cultural blueprint - Nelson Island to display T&T’s diverse heritage
Published: Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Bobie-lee Dixon
A frontal view of Nelson Island, one of the five islands situated off the north-western coast of T&T. Here, people are seen exiting the island following the re-enactment of East-Indian indentured labourers’ arrival to T&T. The event was hosted by the Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration, in commemoration of Indian Arrival Day which is celebrated on May 31, this year. Historical sites tell the story of a period. Buried in their hearts are wars, victories and at times the genesis of a people. They are supposed to be the tangible heritage that explains our uniqueness. In recent weeks, the spotlight has been on Nelson Island where the National Trust, through the Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration, hosted the re-enactment of the arrival of East Indian indentured labourers to T&T. Nelson Island was the disembarkation point and quarantine station for indentured immigrants arriving in T&T in the 19th and early 20th century. It has been compared to New York’s Ellis Island, the point of arrival for millions of immigrants to the US. Read more:

Toots cancels tour -- Jamaica Observer

Toots cancels tour
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
WITH five shows to complete his American acoustic tour, frontman Toots Hibbert and his Maytals band have postponed the remaining concerts. The 68-year-old entertainer is arriving in the island today to seek additional medical treatment after being struck on the forehead by a bottle thrown by a drunken fan two Saturdays ago while he was performing at the Dominion Riverrock Festival in Virginia. Dates affected are: Stone Mountain Arts Centre in Maine on May 27; the Rams Head On Stage Annapolis, Maryland on May 29; The State Theatre in Ithaca in New York on May 30; South Orange Performing Arts Centre in New Jersey on May 31; and Infinity Hall in Connecticut on June 1. The tour began on May 20 in Annapolis, Maryland. Andrea Davis, publicist for Toots and the Maytals, said the artiste would be undergoing several tests:
"Toots regrets having to disappoint any of his fans but this is a serious head injury. He returns home to attend to his medical issues. In that, Toots is still undergoing tests and treatment. No definite date for the continuation of touring can be determined as of today," Davis said in a release.
She said the tour would resume once the singer was given the green light from his doctors. Read more: For further information: Related article:

Nosotros brings Spanish poetry on 29, May 2013 -- Caymanian Compass

Michel Powery, Poet
Nosotros brings Spanish poetry
By: Joe Shooman |
28 May, 2013
A monthly poetry night in Spanish is attracting visitors and locals. Nosotros, said organiser Michel Powery, takes place on the fourth Wednesday of every month at Books & Books. “On 29 May, we’ll be offering Por Quien Merece Amor [to whom deserve more love] – a poetry concert accompanied with music and other things, dedicated to 
Mothers’ Day,” Mr. Powery said. He said that the night had also been well-received by native English speakers and that in the past Caymanians, Jamaicans, Cubans, Venezuelans and other nationalities had attended the events. The evening starts at 7pm and is free, Mr. Powery said. Source: For further information:  Related article:

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Book blasts Jamaican men but questions linger: Book Review by Glenville Ashby -- Trinidad & Tobago Express

Book blasts Jamaican men but questions linger
By GLENVILLE ASHBY Monday, May 27 2013
Chénelle Taylor blazes a trail of despair and disappointment in 50 dates with 17 Mr Wrongs. It’s a bruising attack on Jamaican men, their misplaced values and blaring disregard for women. Taylor’s work is anecdotal – her personal experiences with a band of scoundrels bent on honouring the machismo script to the hilt. She’s raw and authentic, snidely ascribing a moniker to each male disaster – The Snake, The Captain, Mr Affluent – just a few of the rotten apples presented. And the tales of woe flow, unceasingly. She tells how a once promising romance dovetailed into an abyss of misery; how her “Love” became verbally abusive, launching into wild tirades. “He accused me of being condescending, silly, overly analytical…He could not understand my need to be refreshed with courting and romance, or my need to meet his mother…” A forensic psychologist, Taylor well understands that her undertaking is far from empirically definitive. She concedes that much. Yet, she is convinced there is something wretched, damning about her fellow countrymen. She lays down her rules. Her counsel to other women is lucid, stark. Beware, think, tread lightly. And for men, she is quite blunt: Mend your ways. Who can argue with her advice? She writes:
“It is safer to avoid getting involved with a man who is about to leave the country…All that glitters is not gold; all sweet talk is not Prince Charming.” Later, she warns, “Avoid men who are a financial liability,” and “A significant age gap with the person you are dating calls for serious consideration in the prospect of sustained compatibility... Maltreatment on the first date is irredeemable. If the first date is bad…do not agree to the second.” She then admonishes the guilty, “Much of the distress you cause the unsuspecting female is avoidable. Learn the virtue of honesty.” -- Chénelle Taylor, Author
This is Taylor’s vent, her catharsis. Curiously, it adds a perversely hypnotic appeal to her work. Read more:,178312.html. Related article: For further information about the author:

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Awe-inspiring art at Liguanea Lodge Art Auction -- Jamaica Gleaner

Dr Audley Betton appears to be captivated by these paintings (JG Photo) 
Awe-inspiring art at Liguanea Lodge Art Auction
Published: Sunday | May 26, 2013
Keisha Hill, Gleaner Writer
From acrylic on canvas, oil pastel on paper, conta crayon on paper, acrylic on watercolour and ceramic designs, the 80 pieces of exquisite art pieces on auction at the Liguanea Lodge Art Auction and Wine & Cheese Party were breathtaking. This year, the Liguanea Lodge Art Auction provided collectors and connoisseurs with an exquisite collection of distinguished works by prominent artists including Cecil Cooper, George Rodney, Lennie Miller, Joshua Gordon, Michael Flynn-Elliott, David Pottinger, Seya Parboosingh, and Paul Blackwood to name a few. According to Dr Audley Betton, director of ceremonies, the annual event that started at Kings House with its present home at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel was successful. He stated that the auction was a calendar event for many persons. "People say they buy our art pieces because we always sell good art, so collectors - big and small - they come out and participate, not just for the wine and cheese," Betton said.
"This year, we proudly mark 21 unbroken years of staging this event and with 21 being the globally recognised age of full adulthood, it is fair to say we have come of age. A very proud achievement this is for us, which couldn't have been done without the support of the artist, buyers, collectors, supporters and brethren," said Patrick Gillings, chairman of the Liguanea Lodge Art Auction.
Read more:

NOW cries out! -- Barbados NationNews

Marilyn Rice-Bowen, President of NOW (BNN Photo)

NOW cries out!
Sun, May 26, 2013
THE WOMEN OF BARBADOS are “exhausted” by lyrics about their body parts during Crop Over in which lewdness has replaced creativity. This was the cry yesterday from the president of the National Organization of Women (NOW), Marilyn Rice-Bowen, who called on stakeholders to clean up the annual event and clamp down on the number of “jucks” made at women.
“It appears lewd and rude have replaced creativity.” -- Marilyn Rice-Bowen, President of NOW
“Everything possible has been sung about the ‘bumper’. As women, we have little to rejoice about. We have been pulled, we have been stripped, we have been ‘jucked’, and the latest one is ‘bup, bup, bup, headboard’. “We are now exhausted and we eagerly anticipate a return to creativity... ". Read more: Related article: For further information: and

Marleys, Clapton GET TOGETHER -- Jamaica Observer

Marley Brothers Stephen and Damian with Eric Claptron
Marleys, Clapton GET TOGETHER
BY KEVIN JACKSON Observer writer
Sunday, May 26, 2013
MARLEY brothers, Damian and Stephen, recently worked on a 'one drop' remix of rock legend Eric Clapton's latest song Every Little Thing, taken from his current album Old Sock. According to Scott Seine, general manager of Surfdog, the company that manages Clapton, the collaboration emerged from a business relationship with Damian.
"I reached out to Damian because of the obvious reggae connection and history between Eric and Bob Marley and thought that there would be some magic ... When Damian heard the track, he instantly loved the idea." -- Scott Seine, Surfdog
The siblings share production credit for the remix, which Seine says will be serviced to mainstream radio in the US with a lyric video uploaded to YouTube. A limited-edition 12-inch vinyl single is to be released. Clapton has a long association with reggae. In 1974, he covered Bob Marley's I Shot the Sheriff, which became his only number one solo single in the United States. The track was featured on his album, 461 Ocean Boulevard, which sold over one million copies. It also helped reggae reach a mass market in the US. The following year, Clapton came to Jamaica to record a reggae album titled There's One in Every Crowd. The 68-year-old guitarist/singer is the only three-time inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: as a solo artiste, and separately as a member of influential British rock bands, The Yardbirds and Cream. Along with Jimi Hendrix, he is the most influential guitarist in rock music. Read more: For further information:,, and

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Add some spice to dishes with curry leaf -- Trinidad & Tobago Express

Shrimp with curry leaves (TTE Photo)

Add some spice to dishes with curry leaf
Story Created: May 24, 2013
Its leaves are used in many dishes in India and neighbouring countries. Often used in curries, the leaves generally go by the name “curry leaves”, though they are also called “sweet neem leaves”. In Tamil, it’s pronounced “kariveppilai”, in Telugu “karivepaaku” and in Malayalam “kariveppila”. Literally, “kari” means “curry” or it can mean “black”, “veppu” neem and “ilai”/“ila” “leaf”. In Kannada the name means “black neem”, since the appearance of the leaves is similar to the unrelated bitter neem tree. In Telugu, it is pronounced as Ka/ri/vepa/aaku. Similarly, in Gujarati it is known as “limdo” or “meetho leemdo” and in Hindi as “meetha neem”, meaning “sweet neem”. Again, in Hindi and Urdu it is also called “karipatta” where “patta” means “leaf”. Curry leaf is one of my favourite spices, with its fern-like leaves that only need to be brushed against or gently touched to share their spicy aroma, with overtones of citrus and anise. Read more for recipes and further information:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Band SOJA marches on — Jamaica Observer

SOJA has come full circle with its fourth studio album
“Strength to Survive” (JO Photo)
Band SOJA marches on — Jamaica Observer
BY KEVIN JACKSON Observer writer
Friday, May 24, 2013
MOST Jamaican music fans have never heard of American reggae band SOJA. But the nine-member unit are quietly making a name for themselves with their latest album. SOJA has come full circle with its fourth studio album, Strength to Survive, which has consistently topped the Billboard Reggae Album Chart which it has been on for the last 67 weeks. Strength to Survive was released on the ATO label (part owned by rock star Dave Matthews). To date, it has sold over 50,000 copies according to sales monitor Nielsen Soundscan. According to lead singer and guitarist Jacob Hemphill:
"We worked very hard on this album and it's our favourite to date. We are very happy to see people digging it. I think relevance is the reason why people like this album so much." — Jacob Hemphill, SOJA
He says the set was inspired by Bob Marley's 1979 album, Survival. "That's the greatest reggae album ever made," Hemphill says. "It has the best bass lines and the best lyrics ever heard on one record." Read more: For further information: and

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Exhibition: Hip Hop Fine Art at Dutchess Community College through Monday, May 27, 2013 at 7pm — Poughkeepsie, NY

For more on this event:
Exhibition: Hip Hop Fine Art at Dutchess Community College through Monday, May 27, 2013 at 7pm — Poughkeepsie, NY; Time: through Monday, May 27, 2013 at 7pm; Location: DCC-The Mildred I. Washington Art Gallery Washington Center Room 150; Street: 53 Pendell Road; City/Town: Poughkeepsie, NY 12601; Event Type: gallery; Organized By: Hip Hop Fine Art®
Artist’s Profile: Born in Poughkeepsie, New York, Isis Kenney currently lives and works in New York City. Her mother and father, both educators and artists that cultivated her interest in the arts by providing art supplies and creative expression at an early age. After graduating from high school, Kenney attended Dutchess Community College and received a Degree in Visual Communications. It was while at Dutchess she discovered her interest in art and took her first art class. In 2004, Isis moved to Brooklyn, New York, and studied at the School Of Visual Arts and then The City College Of New York.    -- Excerpted from
For more on this event: . For further information about the artist:,  and

Exhibit: Art Basel opens Thursday, May 23, 2013 - Hong Kong Welcomes the Art World — NY Times

Vadehra Art Gallery, India
Exhibit: Art Basel opens Thursday, May 23, 2013
Hong Kong Welcomes the Art World — NY Times
Published: May 22, 2013
HONG KONG — There were no art fairs to speak of in this metropolis before 2008. But this year, Hong Kong, once derided as a cultural desert, nabbed a prize coveted by cities across the region — serving as Art Basel’s only Asian outpost. The inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong, which opens to the public Thursday, has drawn planeloads of collectors and gallery bigwigs from the West, lured here in part by the growing, glittery market. It’s billed as a mutually beneficial arrangement: Art Basel capitalizes on the moneyed collectors heading to Hong Kong, while giving international credibility and exposure to local artists, galleries and the city itself. But as Hong Kong welcomes its new guest for four days of openings, parties and lunches, there are also some backstage jitters about finally being on the world stage, as well as trepidation that an event that started as ART HK will lose its distinctively Asian flavor. Art Basel has taken over ART HK, which began as a local fair in 2008 with about 100 galleries and quickly doubled in size, reflecting the city’s growing art market. (Hong Kong is planning to pour billions of dollars into developing a cultural district in West Kowloon.)
“You can feel the difference in the air — there’s a lot of anticipation . . . Art Basel is a very well-established professional art fair with immense knowledge. We can benefit and learn from it.” — Nicole Schoeni, a local gallery owner
But, she added, “Who knows how it will go this week?” To try to ease concerns, Art Basel retained Magnus Renfrew, Art HK’s director since its inception, and he has taken pains to maintain its roughly 50-50 division of Western and Asian participating galleries. Read more: For further information: For information about the painting above:

Artist Fraulein Rudder: A Pioneer in Local Art — Trinidad & Tobago Express

'View from Point Fortin' by Fraulein Rudder
Artist Fraulein Rudder: A Pioneer in Local Art — Trinidad & Tobago Express
By Verdel Bishop
Story Created: May 21, 2013
Artist Fraulein Rudder is a remarkable woman. This sentiment was echoed recently when the artist invited friends and art aficionados to her Diego Martin home to view her extensive collection of works and her personal art collection titled “The Jubilee Collection (1987-2012).” The artist, who has for decades made an indelible mark on the art landscape of this country and has paved the way for countless women artists, is still clever with the brush. Rudder shared with the Express, her experience being at the helm of the Women in Art Organisation which she founded in 1996; her experience as a woman artist in what was once perceived as a male-dominated society of artists and her joy and satisfaction of devoting her expertise and time to mentoring young painters. A pioneer in her own right, Rudder has had an enjoyable and fulfilling career with a long roster of loyal clients and fans. What she produces on canvas is usually a reflection of her life’s philosophy.
Artist’s Statement: “Back then I saw a need to bring women artists to the fore. The emphasis was always on the male artist. I launched and founded the Women in Art with 25 women; now there are over 125 artists. I got a lot of satisfaction in achieving the goals of that organisation—helping women artists to achieve, discover and be respected for their work. Getting women out there has been 16 years of hard work. It was not easy. I can see women have progressed. There was a time when you could count women artists on one hand.” — Artist Fraulein Rudder for the T&T Express 
Read more: For further information about the artist:

UK-based rapper shoots video in MoBay -- Jamaica Observer

British rapper Amplify Dot rides bicycle during scene from music video shoot in
Montego Bay for her latest single, I’m Good (JO PHOTO: PHILLIP LEMONTE)
UK-based rapper shoots video in MoBay
BY HORACE HINES Observer West reporter
Thursday, May 23, 2013
MONTEGO BAY, St James - UP-AND-COMING British female rap artiste Amplify Dot created a stir in sections of the resort city of Montego Bay last week, during a video shoot to promote her latest single, I'm Good, a collab with Busta Rhymes, which features Buju Banton's Walk Like a Champion. "We want to keep it authentic so we came to Jamaica," a smiling Amplify Dot told the Jamaica Observer West during the shoot along a section of East Street. I'm Good, which is to be released come July 22, is a follow-up to Holding On, featuring Gyptian, done two years ago. During last week's video shoot, scores of people gathered on the streets as the Brit strutted her stuff during her maiden public performance of the song. The crowd's response seemingly buoyed her confidence that the song will take off. She predicted:
"People seem to really like it. It has been good seeing the reaction of the Jamaican people because they are actually the first people to hear it. People have been crowding around watching the video, bouncing along with the song, so based on the reaction of the Jamaican people here, it's going to do really well." -- Amplify Dot, Rapper
Read more: For further information: and

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Euro Film Fest starts today in Tobago -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

A scene from The Angels’ Share
Euro Film Fest starts today in Tobago
Published: Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Tobago’s film fans have the chance to see some of Europe’s finest films when the European Film Festival begins its run at MovieTowne from today until May 28. Meanwhile, in Trinidad, the EFF continues in Port-of-Spain. One of the films to catch in Port-of-Spain is the UK film, The Angels’ Share. This comedy is a departure for legendary director Ken Loach who is more known for gritty, realistic style. The story is about Robbie, who avoids jail and finds a new life working in a whisky distillery. Tickets are $30, with tickets for children and students in uniform or with student ID priced at $20. For more information, visit the EFF Facebook page at European Film Festival—Trinidad and Tobago or Read more for schedule of events:

New movements from Oku -- Jamaica Observer

Oku performing

New movements from Oku
Cecelia Campbell-Livingston
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
PIONEER dub poet Oku Onuora will release his latest album, A Movement, in Kingston on Tuesday. Co-produced by Onuora and Courtney Panton, the set was launched digitally yesterday by Zojak World Wide. Next week's release on compact disc takes place during the Poetry Society of Jamaica's monthly fellowship at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. Onuora, 61, told the Jamaica Observer that A Movement was inspired by his daughter Ayana and the recent resurgence in Jamaican poetry.
"I am inspired by the new generation of poetic voices, particularly Jawara [Ellis]. The sequel to (Jawara's) recording Sketches has reignited my passion for the works." -- Oku Onura, Dub Poet
The album is also a tribute to his wife Adugo Ranglin-Onuora who died July 5, 2011. She produced his first recordings. Onura describes A Movement as an experimental piece. Read more: For further information: and

Rihanna, wins R&B artist, album -- Barbados NationNews
Rihanna, wins R&B artist, album
Tue, May 21, 2013
Rihanna cleaned up in the R&B categories at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last night. The singer won an award in all three R&B categories -- Top R&B Artist, Top R&B Album ("Unapologetic"), Top R&B Song ("Diamonds") -- and separate to R&B, Top Radio Songs Artist. The singer was tied for second in most awards of the night with Gotye. She was nominated for ten awards in total. Rihanna earned her first Billboard 200 No. 1 album in November when "Unapologetic" debuted atop the chart, selling 238,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Her album debut came one week after she scored her 12th No. 1 single on the Hot 100 chart with "Diamonds." Source: For further information:, and  Related article:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Carlisle Harris Exhibition Preview by Verdel Bishop: From canvas to cover -- Trinidad & Tobago Express

Artist Carlisle Harris with piece titled “Blessings Everlasting" (T&TE Photo)
From canvas to cover
By Verdel Bishop
Story Created: May 20, 2013
Finished and unfinished paintings are stacked about artist, Carlisle Harris’s split level Maracas, St Joseph home. The artist welcomes the opportunity to chat about his most recent paintings, his upcoming exhibition and everything art, but this must wait because the Northern Range which boxes in his Valley View home craves for attention. The artist points me to El Tucuche; Narango lies in the middle. The mountain to the right is Pedra Blanca and Maracas Beach is on the opposite side of the mountains. The glass wall where one of his studios is located separates us from the alluring view of a sheet of mountainous greenery. Harris is intrigued by the familiar birds that perch on his laden avocado tree; he points out the deep red wax ginger which sits on his coffee table; he draws attention to the stag horn fern in his yard and all the other important plants and herbs he’s grown himself. He is just as eager to discuss all things horticulture as he is about discussing his paintings... Harris took a risk this time around; his faithful followers have a lot to look forward to at his upcoming exhibition.
“This batch of work has moved away from my normal way of painting and it’s a risk I took because the gallery people might not like it. I have satisfied myself that I have moved on. There is no title for this exhibition. In the past I have had themes but I’m at a stage where I prefer to let the paintings speak for themselves. Intuitively I have discovered that all the pieces hold together despite that I didn’t plan it that way. This time around not all of them hold together and I thought I should let them stand on their own two feet.” -- Carlisle Harris, Artist
Read more: For further information about the show: For further information about the artist: and

Shorts wanted - Open call for films in Kingston on the Edge 2013 -- Jamaica Gleaner

Kingston on the Edge
Shorts wanted - Open call for films in Kingston on the Edge 2013
Published: Tuesday | May 21, 2013
Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer
David Morrison describes himself as an amateur film-maker and, coupled with that, shows a distinct taste for film fare that does not come with an intermission plug for nachos and cheese. "I have a love for independent films rather than commercial films," Morrison said, clarifying that he was referring to material "not as commercial as mainstream films". Combined, Morrison's tastes and passion have resulted in Short Film Night at the annual Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) Arts Festival, slated for June 21-29 this year. He is encouraging persons to submit films for which high-end equipment and professional personnel are not requirements. A simple video camera, a cell phone and a few friends will do. Submissions should be made to There is another reason for his belief in the short-film format: that it is achievable.
"The beauty of the short is that anybody who has the will can do it. You come across film-makers who have a dream of making a feature film and, years later, still have the dream. Why not do a short? A lot of film-makers I know are still waiting on the feature." -- David Morrison, Film-maker
He points out that the documentary is especially suited to the short-film format. "I made a documentary last year about something a local human-rights activist is doing. It was, for me, important to get this type of word out there. It is an alternative point of view you don't hear about. My latest version is eight or nine minutes and I think I have told a story about one man's point of view on the world that needs to be told," he said. Read more: For further information:

Air Supply and locals well received -- Barbados Advocate

Air Supply and locals well received
By Kerri Gooding
From the first note of some songs people were on their feet, some swayed along, many clapped along, numerous snapped photos and almost all sung along to hit after hit by Air Supply. However, though they were the headliners, even Air Supply tipped their hats to Barbadian pop band Nexcyx. Air Supply lead-singer Russell Hitchcock said, “They rocked big time.” While other local opening acts who were backed by opening band and opening act Nexcyx hailed their talent as the best. Air Supply was all that their fans expected and for some even more as both Hitchcock and lead-singer and guitarist Graham Russell left the stage to embrace, shake hands and greet fans directly.
"Having been together since the mid 1970s, Air Supply had a slew of love songs which had the romantics screaming and cheering. Hits such as ‘Even the nights’, ‘Just as I am’, ‘Here I am’, and ‘Chances’ were performed during their hour-set. When they sung their hit ‘Power of Love’ which has been covered by artistes such as Celine Dion, many people whispered, “Is that their song? I didn’t know they sung this too.” -- Barbados Advocate
Then many younger persons were in shock when they belted out the lyrics to their track ‘Every woman’ which was featured on a highly popular movie released in 2010 ‘You Again’. Singing other hit love songs, the duet and their talented band of musicians had members of the crowd running to the stage to shake hands. One member of the audience was lucky enough to have Russell stop playing his guitar and serenade her with ‘Dance with me’ even twirling her around to the delight of the crowd. Read more: For further information:, and

Toots on the mend -- Jamaica Observer

Image Credit: Erika Goldring/GettyImages)
Toots on the mend
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
REGGAE legend Toots Hibbert and his Maytals band will continue their acoustic shows in the United States despite Toots being injured in Virginia Saturday. The singer is scheduled to perform at The Hamilton in Washington DC tomorrow. He played the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Centre in New York City Sunday. Andrea Davis, publicist for Toots and The Maytals, told the Jamaica Observer that the 68-year-old Toots has recovered after being struck on the forehead by a bottle thrown by a drunken fan. The incident took place at the Dominion Riverrock Festival. Toots was performing his hit song, Country Roads, when the man hurled a Vodka bottle onstage and struck him. The wound required several stitches at the VCU Medical Center. The drunken fan was arrested and charged by police. Read more: Related article: For further information: and

Monday, May 20, 2013

Art Review by Anne Hilton: Art society members display works -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

"April Showers Bring May Flowers" by Waheeda Ramnath
Art society members display works
By Anne Hilton Monday, May 20 2013
The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago Members’ May exhibition, “Belle Eau” opened last Thursday with the interesting and stimulating addition of graffiti artists demonstrating their art with spray cans. However, Newsday was only able to visit the exhibition in the afternoon before the official opening (and the starting gun for graffiti artists). Nevertheless with 90 pieces of art, drawings, paintings, batik collage, photographs, lino cut prints, weaving, an installation – in fact all kinds of media – to view there were more than enough subjects for the camera in the quiet exhibition area. There were all sorts of subjects, too, from seascapes and landscapes, abstracts, flowers and foliage, animals birds and fishes, a model of a waterfall – among other three dimensional pieces – even weaving, in fact all manner of art with prices ranging from $500 to $26,000 with most in the $1,500 to $3,500 range. Of which I chose just nine to feature in Newsday. Marsha Trepte’s “Manzanilla” in watercolour marries impression to realism in an interesting seascape. Althea Bastien’s mastery of batik is unquestioned. With “Remembering Blue Basin” she not only reminds us of the lush bush once surrounding that waterfall, but her choice of materials bring the waterfall itself to vivid, lustrous life.Stacy Williams’ “Waves of Gold” photograph is enigmatic; it appears to be a sandy beach with storm clouds touched with gold above it – or is it the sand that prompted Stacy to give it that title? Read more:,177955.html. For further information: and For further information about the artist:

Embrace African heritage! -- Barbados NationNews

South African deejay Tsedi (right) on a drum as member of the Barbadian Rastafarian
movement Derek Codrington (centre) and South African spoken word artiste
Thombikile listen to the beat (BNN Photo: Ricardo Leacock)
Embrace African heritage!
Mon, May 20, 2013
Barbadians need to connect with their African heritage and African people. This opinion was voiced by Ras Simba, publisher of Our African Heritage Magazine as he spoke to the DAILY NATION yesterday during an African Heritage Fair and Cultural Show at Deacons Hard Court, Deacons Farm, St Michael. Ras Simba, who organized the event, said he believed that most Barbadians desist from connecting with African culture because “what we consider as Bajan culture is post-colonial and post-slavery. “We don’t see ourselves as anything before the advent of the slave trade, so most black people are not even proud of themselves or proud of their heritage."
“I think if we are going to look forward to a better tomorrow, we have to look at our great past as African people.” -- Ras Simba
Read more: For further information:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Big Kenny takes chance on reggae -- Jamaica Observer

Big Kenny and Ky-Mani Marley at the video shoot for Hope Chance in Trench Town
in St Andrew on Tuesday. (JO PHOTO: BRYAN CUMMINGS)
Big Kenny takes chance on reggae
BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Observer senior writer
Sunday, May 19, 2013
THOUGH he grew up in the farmlands of Culpeper, Virginia, singer Big Kenny says his musical tastes were not limited to the country sounds the region is known for. "We had AM radio that played everything... George Jones, The Beatles, Bob Marley. I listened to everything," he told the Sunday Observer. Big Kenny is in Jamaica to film a music video for Hope Chance, a song he recorded with singer Ky-Mani Marley. Hope Chance is among the first batch of recordings for Electro Shine, a project featuring an eclectic group of musicians including former Eurhythmics member Dave Stewart and country singer Megyn Mullins. For 49-year-old Big Kenny — who has made a name in country music as part of the duo Big and Rich — working with Marley is an opportunity to "expand my art". He says Electro Shine was conceived last year after he and Marley were introduced by a mutual friend. Though their backgrounds are vastly different, Big Kenny says he and Marley share a musical vision:
"His message is one love, my family always said 'love everybody'. We both want to make music that will take everybody to a good place." -- Big Kenny
Two of the places Marley and Big Kenny filmed Hope Chance are steeped in music history. The Tuff Gong studio is owned by Marley's family, while the Trench Town Culture Yard is where his father, Bob Marley, once lived. Read more:  For further information:,, and

Government to honour 60 national icons -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

Novelist Earl Lovelace to be honored on May 20, 2013 Photograph by Stefan Falke

Government to honour 60 national icons
Sunday, May 19 2013
The Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister and the Citizens’ Advisory Committee will honour 60 national icons, nominated by the public and selected by a Citizens’ Advisory Committee, on May 20 at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Trinidad from 6:30 pm. President Anthony Carmona will attend the event at which Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar will deliver the feature address. The individuals to be honoured are among the best in their fields in the world in the categories of Politics/Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Architecture, Science, Media, Community Service, Public Service, Religion, Creative Arts, Science and Sports. Outstanding luminaries in these fields will also be honoured posthumously. Some of the awardees include first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Eric Eustace Williams, Patricia “Pat” Bishop, former president Arthur NR Robinson, star cricketer Brian Lara, Olympic 100 m gold medallist Hasely Crawford, Calypsonian Sparrow, aka, Slinger Francisco, novelist Earl Lovelace, businessman Sidney Knox, TT’s first president Sir Ellis Clarke, and Dr Rudranath Capildeo. Read more:,177914.html. For further information: For further information about the author: Related articles: and

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Exhibition: Paul Banning on show at Horizons ENDS Saturday, May 18, 2013 — Art Review by Anne Hilton - Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

'Mendoza's Fruit Market' by Paul Banning
Exhibition: Paul Banning on show at Horizons
ENDS Saturday, May 18, 2013
Art Review by Anne Hilton — Trinidad & Tobago Newsday
One scarcely likes to comment on the work of Paul Banning, an artist who, judging by his “bio,” was born to paint and quite recently received the Turner Watercolour Award for an outstanding group of paintings by a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour. Paul Banning was born and raised in TT but has spent most of his adult life in the UK and in travelling in the Middle and Far East. Even so he returns to his native land from time to time to paint scenes to delight local art patrons. Read more:,139890.html
Event Description: Paul Banning on Exhibit at Horizons from Tuesday, May 07, 2013 at 7pm to Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 1pm. Master painter Paul Banning will be having a show consisting of Oil and Watercolour Paintings at Horizons Art Gallery. The private Viewing will take place on May 7th at 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM and continue from May 8th to May 18th during regular gallery hours.
Location : Horizons Art Gallery, 37 Mucurapo Road, St. James, Trinidad & Tobago; Contact : 628-9769 or 297-5105. For further information: For further information about the artist: and

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dance takes us from slavery to freedom on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 7pm -- Bermuda Sun

United Dance Production's "Slave Girls"
Dance takes us from slavery to freedom
on Friday, May 17, 2013
Mikaela Ian Pearman, Online News Reporter
United Dance Productions will host a one-night only heritage themed performance this weekend. On Friday night, the Heritage Journey Performance will be held at the Ruth Seaton James Centre. The showcase will feature dancers from the inception of UDP up until now. Founder Suzette Harvey explained the concept of the showcase Slave Girls.
“The dances will reflect our strength as a people, how far we have come and to remind us of our future and how we must inspire and motivate one another through these trying times as our history is rich, diverse and soulful... All of the repertoire will be uplifting and powerful as it takes us from slavery to freedom opening with Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Trying Times, A tribute to Ailey and much more.” -- Suzette Harvey, Founder UDP
Emotional journey - “The dances will take you on an emotional journey with pieces like Motherless Child performed by the males performers and Pep Talk performed by our young stars... Every dance was selected specifically to make this performance powerful and to remind us of our rich heritage.” Asked what will make this year’s performance special, Harvey said: “What is so special is that we are highlighting our youths along with many of the older original dancers that have made UDP strong and vibrant over the last 20 years and have continued to prove to our younger generation that hard work, discipline, and dedication can take you a long way. The event will be one night only on Friday night at 7pm. Patron tickets are $50 and general admission is $35 and available on For more information email or call 541-9933.  Read more: For further information: and

Morgan Heritage regroups for tour -- Jamaica Observer

Morgan Heritage
Morgan Heritage regroups for tour
On the road again
BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Observer senior writer
Friday, May 17, 2013
EXTENDED breaks for artistes are unheard of in the fast-paced music business where trends change in the wink of an eye. Sibling group Morgan Heritage, who return to the fold after five years, have been around long enough to know this is one industry the old adage 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' does not apply. The Morgans are preparing to hit the road to promote Here Come The Kings, their new album, which is scheduled for a June 11 release by VP Records. A five-week tour of Europe is scheduled to start in June. Some of the dates in the United Kingdom will be with singer Beres Hammond. Peetah Morgan, who has been lead vocalist since Morgan Heritage's first album Miracles in 1996, is not concerned about reconnecting with fans in a changing market.
"We just took a break as Morgan Heritage to do different things, but we were still writing ... It wasn't like we drifted apart." -- Peetah Morgan
Those different things include a solo album from keyboardist/vocalist Gramps and a handful of singles by Peetah. On their previous album, the Morgans stuck mainly to their roots sound. Mission In Progress included the hit ballad Love You Right and a cover of Steel Pulse's Blues Dance Raid. Read more: For further information:, and