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Four galleries join forces to ‘Keep Bermuda Art Alive’ on Fri. March 1, 2013 -- Bermuda Sun

Artwork by Jennifer Lawson who will be painting all day on March 1, 2013
Four galleries join forces to ‘Keep Bermuda Art Alive’
Sarah Lagan, Writer/Sub-editor
Wednesday, February, 27, 2013
Four major art galleries have joined together in an effort to Keep Bermuda Art Alive. The Bermuda National Gallery, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, The Bermuda Society of Arts and the Arts Centre at Dockyard they are due to host a collaborative art tag day this Friday in the City of Hamilton with the hope of generating support.
Heidi Cowen of the Arts Centre at Dockyard said: “Art is an important part of the island’s heritage and many of the art galleries on the island are in need of support. As our motto is Keeping Bermuda Art Alive, we approached the other galleries with the idea of a joint tag day.” Elise Outerbridger, Masterworks curator added: “This is a terrific opportunity to work together and share our common goals and ambitions.”
To further the recognition of art in our community, the organizations have also planned an Art Appreciation Day where various forms of art will be featured throughout the City of Hamilton on the same day. Read more: For further information about the artist:

Exhibition: Esotericurbanism @ Vonda's Kitchen - February 28, 2013 6pm-9pm -- Newark NJ, USA

Exibition: Esotericurbanism @ Vonda's Kitchen - February 28, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm; 183-185 W. Kinney Street, Newark, New Jersey; Phone: 732 333 0878; Event Type: art, reception; Organized By: Kortez.
Artist's Statement: "Several months ago I ate at Vonda's Kitchen for the first time. The food was amazing and it wasn't your usual "Soul Food Spot". Vonda creates a menu that is sensible yet very tasty. The atmosphere is also beautiful and the customer service is stellar! The overall look is modern but not cold and the art was great! I wanted to get in on the action! After seeing my art on, Vonda offered me an opportunity to exhibit and wanted to give me a reception. Well, this is it!!! Thursday February 28th from 6pm - 9pm Vonda's Kitchen will be open so people can come out for a festive celebration of my love of art. As we get closer to the date more details will be given. I'm looking forward to seeing you and hope many will pop in during regular hours if you can't make the opening." -- Kortez
"Anger" by Artist Kortez
Kortez, a fine artist residing in Freehold, New Jersey, uses mixed media collage, acrylic, watercolor and works on paper, wood and found objects. The art of Kortez is one of a kind as he is able to find inspiration and unconventional medium upon which to use as canvas. The subject matter of his work comes through vividly. Vibrant colors and provocative topics such as race, social injustice and political commentary break through his art with bright colors and vibrant deliberate lines. Exhibiting a strong hand and intentional shapes, Kortez makes his point through bright colors and bold lines.For further information about the artist:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exhibition - BNG & CURB collaboration: Inside the 1959 Theatre Boycott — Wednesday, Feb. 27th Bermuda National Gallery, WI

CURB on February 27, 2013 at BNG
Exhibition - BNG & CURB collaboration: Inside the 1959 Theatre Boycott — Wednesday, February 27, 2013, Bermuda National Gallery, WI
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2013; Time: 12:30 pm — 01:30 pm; Category: Events & Fundraisers; Location: Bermuda National Gallery, City Hall, 2nd floor; Price: Free; Contact: 295-9428
DETAILS: Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda in collaboration with Bermuda National Gallery present a series of weekly, social justice lunchtime lectures during the BNG's Art & Social Change Exhibition entitled "Eyes on the World". The February presentations are listed below and we look forward to welcoming you to these enriching learning opportunities.
Subject: Jammed packed with documented facts, the African Foundation Timeline utilizes audience members to form a human timeline, dramatically demonstrating important contributions of African people to world civilization in one thousand year increments. Two members of the Progressive Group tell their personal stories. Presenters: Mr. & Mrs. Gerald and Izola Harvey
Cost: free. For further information:

365 days of the beer - Red Stripe treats Freddie McGregor to one year of free liquor -- Jamaica Gleaner

Freddie McGregor at

365 days of the beer - Red Stripe treats Freddie McGregor
to one year of free liquor
Published: Wednesday | February 27, 2013
Artiste to create fun day
Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer
What is a man to do with a year's supply of beer? Reggae icon Freddie McGregor should be able to tell you, since Red Stripe has committed to supplying him with a year's worth. The singer who recently released his 36th studio album, Di Captain, is not much of a drinker but he certainly appreciates the gesture.
"I am kind of surprised," said Freddie McGregor, "I suppose it was because of our recent involvement with my album launch at King's Plaza. I guess they felt good about how everything went and they wanted to thank us. We really appreciate the gesture."
McGregor and Red Stripe have longed enjoyed a very harmonious relationship. Years ago, after Ernie Smith's Life Is Just For Living Campaign had run its course, McGregor's song Shooting the Breeze was used in the beer company's campaign for many years. He has fond memories of that time and recalls that several years later Sumfest promoters sought and received permission to use the song for one of their many launches. "It's about building relationships," McGregor said. McGregor is down to perform on Follow Di Arrow at James Bond Beach this weekend. Coming out of that event he hopes to put on an event with some of his colleagues who will also be performing on the show. It's an event, he said, that is all about giving back. Read more: For further information: and

Sean Penn calls progress in Haiti 'extraordinary' -- Yahoo News (AP)

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola) 
Sean Penn calls progress in Haiti 'extraordinary'
By BRIDGET MURPHY | Associated Press – February 27, 2013
Actor-director Sean Penn gestures as he speaks, while the former prime minister of Haiti, Michele Pierre-Louis, listens while they participate in a discussion at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass. Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013 regarding Haiti in the wake of a devastating earthquake three years ago. Penn is the co-founder of the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola) 
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Sean Penn remembers smelling dead bodies when he arrived in Haiti after the earthquake. But now there's music in those same streets even as the country faces many years of rebuilding, the Academy Award-winning actor said Tuesday. Penn said "extraordinary" changes have happened since the Jan. 12, 2010, natural disaster killed more than 300,000 people and left about 1.5 million homeless. He also called the Haitian people resilient in his remarks in a forum at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. The actor is an ambassador-at-large for Haiti's president and CEO of aid group J/P Haitian Relief Organization, which started with a goal of bringing painkillers to earthquake victims. It became an agency that manages a camp for displaced people and works to resettle them. It also does other aid work such as clearing rubble, repairing damaged homes and running a community center and clinics. Former Haitian Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis and Ken Keen, the Army lieutenant general who commanded the U.S. military relief effort in Haiti, joined Penn as panelists to discuss the progress in Haiti since the earthquake.
Former Haitian Prime Minister Pierre-Louis spoke of the strength of the Haitian people but also of promises, including from the government, that haven't been kept. "Today there is reason for hope, but at the same time, there is a lot to be done," she said.
The former prime minister also spoke about the need for the international intervention when it comes to helping middle-class Haitians who lost homes get loans so they can rebuild. Read more:;_ylt=A2KJ3Cbzyy1R_10ATxH_wgt.

Mexico's Pena Nieto enacts major education reform -- BBC News

Mr Pena Nieto said the reform showed that political rivals were willing to
 work together (BBC Photo)
26 February 2013 Last updated at 05:28 ET
Mexico's Pena Nieto enacts major education reform
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has enacted a major reform of the education system that includes new standards for hiring teachers. Under the changes, a census is to establish the exact number of schools, teachers and pupils in the country. The reforms appear set to weaken the powerful teachers' union, led by Elba Esther Gordillo, which has largely controlled access to the profession. The union has argued that reforms could lead to massive lay-offs. Critics also say the changes could signal the start of the privatisation of education in Mexico. But Mr Pena Nieto said the reform would maintain the free and secular nature of education. Read more:

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Duane Stephenson comes home - Focuses on album and building Jamaican fan base -- Jamaica Gleaner

Duane Stephenson performing 

Duane Stephenson comes home -
Focuses on album and building Jamaican fan base
Published: Tuesday | February 26, 2013
Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer
After spending the past few years travelling the world and building what has become a steadily growing fan base, reggae singer and songwriter Duane Stephenson is planning to spend most of the next few months at home working on and completing what will be his third studio album. "Hopefully, it will be out in June. That's the time frame we're looking at," Stephenson told The Gleaner as he leaned back in a chair inside a sound studio at Grafton Studios on Deanery Road in east Kingston to talk about his latest projects and the growth of his career over the past few years. Stephenson, the superversatile singer who has penned and sung songs dealing with everything from romance to social issues, says the working title for this latest project is Story of Minds.
"The theme is of the mind in different places, reflections of the different places and the journey from August Town 'til now," Duane Stephenson said, pointing out that the title could change as work progressed. "We are about half-way through, so we might need to change because as you go through and find your direction, things might become a little bit clearer so things may change."
The album, he says, will also be an attempt to reconnect with his home base, getting back to music on the local level, as he puts it. Read more:  For further information:

Levy 'fumes' about flag stomping -- Jamaica Observer

Barrington Levy (
Levy 'fumes' about flag stomping
By Howard Campbell Observer writer
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
SINGER Barrington Levy, whose hit song Murderer is used in a German television advertisement featuring a burning Jamaican flag, says he finds parts of the commercial offensive. Levy told the Jamaica Observer that he first saw the ad yesterday on YouTube. He describes the scene where a man stomps on the burning flag to extinguish it as "disrespectful." "They could have found a different method to do that. I never liked that at all," said Levy. The ad was produced by the Saturn Coffee Shop, a German company and was aired last week. Levy, 48, says Saturn's management approached him recently to use Murderer as part of their promotional campaign. Levy said he agreed but had no idea the visual would involve offensive use of the Jamaican banner. "We made the necessary arrangements in terms of licensing but we never discussed anything about burning or stomping on the flag," he said. The ad, which is produced in German, shows two men making coffee in a store. They accidentally start a fire that ignites a Jamaican flag hanging in the establishment. In an effort to prevent the fire from spreading, one of the men takes the burning flag outside, throws it on the sidewalk and starts stomping on it to put out the blaze. It has been condemned in some quarters. Olivia Grange, the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party spokesperson on culture, was among the unimpressed.
"Whilst the commercial with heavy Jamaican influences may have been devoid of malicious intent as partly illustrated by the prominent unfurling of the Jamaican flag in the end, it is unacceptable to have images of Jamaica's national flag being desecrated in fact the same is true for any national flag the world over," Grange said in a statement.
Saturn's controversial promo aired three weeks after another German company, Volkswagen, ran a satirical ad during the Super Bowl in the United States. Read more: For further information: and

Machel Escapes -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Machel Escapes
Published: Monday, February 25, 2013
Soca star Machel Montano waves at passersby on St Vincent Street as he leaves the Port-of-Spain Magistrates Court yesterday. PHOTO: ROBERTO CODALLO
“The justice system did its job and God is the boss,” a relieved Machel Montano said yesterday, an hour after he was sentenced by magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor. Montano spoke with reporters while embracing his lawyer Dana Seetahal SC at her chambers. He and Kernal Roberts were ordered to pay fines and compensation totalling $53,200 to the victims of a 2007 assault. The hearing closed the book on the five-year-long saga which resulted in his being found guilty on four counts of assault and using obscene language. Montano said he would not to let it affect him as he continued to strive for excellence in his career. He was crowned the 2013 Groovy Soca Monarch and also shares the 2013 Power Soca Monarch title with Austin “SuperBlue” Lyons. Read more:

Earthquake in Haiti capital panics residents -- CBC News Canada (AP)

Earthquake in Haiti capital panics residents
The Associated Press
Posted: Feb 25, 2013 9:44 PM ET
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013 11:12 PM ET
A small earthquake shook Haiti's capital on Monday, causing people in the capital to scramble out of buildings in fear. U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Susan Hoover said the quake had a magnitude of 3.5. The epicenter was 27 kilometres northeast of Port-au-Prince and was relatively shallow at 10 kilometres deep. The tremor caused panic among some residents of Port-au-Prince who remembered the 7.0-magnitude monster that struck the southern part of the country in 2010 and killed thousands of people. A government official said there were no immediate reports of damage. The tremor struck at 7:39 p.m. ET. Source:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Reggae, Jawaiian style -- Jamaica Observer

Reggae, Jawaiian style
By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston
Observer staff reporter
Monday, February 25, 2013
With February being Reggae Month, this is the seventh in an eight-part series looking at reggae's global influence. The music originated in Jamaica but has been embraced by people in many countries. Today, we feature Sahra Indio from Hawaii. IT took one album — The Wailers' Catch A Fire — for Hawaiian reggae artiste Sahra Indio to get hooked on Jamaican music. The 1973 album inspired her to become a professional musician. She started out as a solo act in 1999 but performs these days with the Jahringa Reggae Band in her native land. According to Indio, who is in her early 60s, the reggae scene in Hawaii has been vibrant for decades with a number of small labels and home-grown artistes.
"Bob Marley toured the Aloha State performing in support of the Survival album in 1978 and 1979. His music and One Love philosophy resonated with island people," she told the Jamaica Observer. She continued: "Bob's music greatly influenced the music scene throughout the island chain leading to a new genre dubbed Jawaiian that still dominates the airwaves of Hawaii's FM radio stations." While she is yet to perform or record in Jamaica, the country holds a special place for Indio. "My husband and I honeymooned in Jamaica in 2003 and returned in 2004 when he applied for work," she said. "I feel long overdue to return and my dream is to return in support of my new album, The Tru I," Indio added.
She has recorded three albums for the independent label Olumeye Records. They are her 2003 debut Good's Gonna Happen; Change in 2007; and The Tru I which was released in 2012. Read more:

Hindu Temple hosts Black History event -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

T&T Interfaith Show of Unity in NY
Government of Trinidad & Tobago
Hindu Temple hosts Black History event
By Dr Donald Reid Monday, February 25 2013
The Trinidad and Tobago Interfaith Council (TTIC) of New York, under the patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, hosted the first ever Interfaith, Intercultural and Interdisciplinary programme in commemoration of their Caribbean heritage and Black History month. The event was well attended with participants from all walks of life, representing a cross section of the Caribbean-American Diaspora. The event had as its theme, "One People, One Mission, One Victory" the "Pioneers of Social Change," and was held at the Sri Trimurti Bhavan Temple in Queens, New York. The programme commenced with invocations by religious leaders and a welcome address by president of the mandir, Dr Dhanpaul Narine. An address followed by Dr Glenville Ashby, the event organiser and chairman of the TTIC. Dr Ashby, drawing on his expertise in the area of interfaith dialogue, urged participants to be actively engaged in the process of "bridge" building across the religious and ethnic divide.
Ashby noted that “New voices and new issues are challenging our traditional understanding of whom and what we are as a people.” He added that although the situations we may be experiencing may seem to be new, there are many parallels in other parts of the world, hence the Interfaith event was convened, "to promote understanding and accommodation between the two largest ethnic groups in Trinidad and Tobago."
He added that interfaith dialogue can stem the tide of instability and distrust, but only through open and sincere dialogue. Read more:,174020.html. For further information:, and

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Music reaches out - International video directors, producers aim for Jamaica's inner-city communities -- Jamaica Gleaner

Spragga Benz performing

Music reaches out - International video directors, producers aim for Jamaica's inner-city communities
Published: Sunday | February 24, 2013
Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer
International music video directors/producers Salaam Remi and Fatima Curry, have collaborated with the Amy Winehouse Foundation to execute a series of charity projects in Jamaica. The producers operate their own non-profit organisation which caters to inner-city communities in and around Kingston called 'Elevating Resources'. However, Fatima Curry says more assistance can only help the cause. Curry and the video production team were in Jamaica shooting music videos for reggae artistes Spragga Benz and Stephen Marley recently, and during the process, the directors were taken to several inner-city communities in Kingston. The experience opened their eyes to the harsh reality experienced by Jamaicans living in what some Jamaicans classify as 'ghettos'. The sight of the living conditions endured by the residents of these communities seemingly touched a nerve. Thus, Elevating Resources was born. "The project in Jamaica is the first that we have undertaken and we hope to grow and expand, but for now, Kingston is the direct focus. We have sent some tutors to Trench Town and Haile Selassie high schools, and the movement is growing," Curry said. Read more:

Posters made of iconic theatre boycott painting -- Bermuda Sun

From left, Bermuda National Gallery director Lisa Howie,
Chairman Gary Phillips OBE and artist Robert Barritt pictured when
the artist donated two original paintings to the gallery (BS Photo)
Celebrating Black History Month / Theatre Boycott, Upstairs Right, 1959
Posters made of iconic theatre boycott painting
Sarah Lagan, Writer/Sub-editor
Friday, February 22, 2013
Bermudian artist Robert Barritt’s iconic painting of the theatre boycott can now take pride of place in any living room in Bermuda. Thanks to generous funding from the university the artist graduated from in 1950, posters of the artwork are now on sale at the Bermuda National Gallery and Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Barritt painted the picture at a time when segregation on the island was rife and he used his artistic talents to challenge that position. Read more: For further information about the artist:

Bajan invasion in Bequia -- Barbados NationNews

NexCyx played the last two nights of the festival (GP)
Bajan invasion in Bequia
Sun, February 24, 2013
Barbadian band NexCyx seems to be always welcome at the Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest, which is now well established as a highly significant event in the tourism calendar. Billed to be an extraordinary weekend of musical entertainment, the tiny Grenadine island of Bequia began filling up with visitors in the days before the January 24 to 27 event with a record 200 or more yachts crowding the harbour in Admiralty Bay. The drawing cards were the legendary Spice & Company, slated to appear in St Vincent and the Grenadines for the first time, and award-winning NexCyx, who had two performances. Read more:

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Try tuna today -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Tuna and pasta salad on arugula greens
Try tuna today
Published: Saturday, February 23, 2013
Wendy Rahamut
Tuna is packed with nutrients; it is low in saturated fat and is a good source of Vitamin B6, omega 3, phosphorous, protein, niacin, vitamin B 12 and selenium. It is the Lenten season and fish is the top order of the day. But with the astronomical price being charged for fresh fish, alternatives need to be found. Frozen fish is one option, but there is a lot to sacrifice in taste and texture. Canned fish, however, is a viable alternative, especially tuna. It is packed with nutrients; it is low in saturated fat; and is a good source of Vitamin B6, omega 3, phosphorous, protein, niacin, vitamin B 12 and selenium. It is very convenient with uses, which encompass much more than tuna sandwiches. You can buy it packed in oil, water and there is my favourite the Albacore tuna, which is a much firmer, drier and more delicious type. So the next time you want a fast, nutritious and delicious meal try some tuna today. Click here for Caribbean tuna and pasta tossed with fresh herbs and more recipes:

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Late night opening at National Gallery -- Caymanian Compass

Artwork by Jan Barwick available at NGCI
Late night opening at National Gallery
By: Natasha Were |
22 February, 2013
In support of CNCF’s Red Sky at Night Arts Festival, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands will also be opening late on Saturday, 23 February offering an eclectic programme of gallery-related events. Access between the FJ Harquail Cultural Centre and the grounds of the National Gallery will be open, allowing the public to wander between the two, experiencing the full scope of the local arts scene. Read more: For further information:

Anne Hilton Review - Art exhibition at Piarco Airport: Trinidad and Tobago Carnival by Istvan Ducsai -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival by Istvan Ducsai
Art exhibition at Piarco Airport
By Anne Hilton Friday, February 22 2013
If you had, or until the end of this month have time to spare at the Piarco International Airport (and who hasn’t as they wait for relatives and friends to check in) you may have seen, or perhaps still have a chance to see István Ducsai’s art exhibition in the airport’s atrium. This exhibition is the outcome of a two-month visit to Trinidad over Carnival 2010 by Hungarian artist István Ducsai and his fellow Hungarian photographer friend Attila Abuczki. The aim of this exhibition is (and I quote the artist’s statement from the catalogue) “to convey in a consequent and unique way an attitude towards life that comprises happiness and sorrow, sin and impunity, life and death … "
“Obviously, these paintings are about a mentally and physically sound nation, the people of Trinidad and Tobago and convey a message for them, as well as make us acquainted with their daily life, customs and natural beauties and biggest festival … This is why the author’s (sic) philosophy reads as follows: The reason why these paintings were created is not to separate nations and people, but to bring them together …” -- Hungarian artist István Ducsai
... And that is Carnival Trinidad style as a Hungarian artist sees us. The exhibition in Piarco runs until the end of February, after that the 18 paintings that comprise the entire collection may be on view in one or other of the commercial galleries in or around Port-of-Spain.Read more:,173811.html. For further information about the artists and exhibition:!/media/set/?set=a.371347089564614.89539.371330496232940&type=3

Legend gets Grammy bump -- Jamaica Observer
Legend gets Grammy bump
BY KEVIN JACKSON Observer writer
Friday, February 22, 2013
A week after an all-star tribute to Bob Marley at the Grammy Awards, Legend, his 1984 'best of' album, sold over 20,000 copies. The tribute featured performances from pop stars Bruno Mars, Sting and Rihanna, as well as the reggae legend's sons Ziggy and Damian Marley. According to Billboard magazine, the sales surge allowed Legend to jump from 99 to 34 on its Top 200 Album chart. Released in 1984 by Island Records, Legend is the best selling reggae album. It has sold over 14 million copies in the United States and worldwide sales have topped the 25-million mark. In 2003, Legend was ranked number 46 on Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Albums. Legend is also the second longest charting album in the history of the Billboard charts, with 992 combined weeks on the Billboard 200 and Billboard Top Pop Catalogue Album charts. Read more:  For further information:

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Exhibition: Cayfest offers the best of the arts - February 21, 22 & 23, 2013 -- Caymanian Compass

Cayfest 2013 - Feb. 21, 22, 23
Cayfest offers the best of the arts
February 21, 22 & 23, 2013
Cayfest, created in 1995, is the Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts. The festival showcases Cayman’s finest local talent, with an eclectic mix of visual arts, music, theatre, film, fashion design, photography and cultural discussions. Read more:

Cayfest 2013
National Arts & Culture Awards Announced • February 21st
This February, be sure to keep an eye out as we reveal the winners of the 19th Annual National Arts & Culture Awards.  Read more:

Dress for Culture Day • February 22nd
Join CNCF in celebrating Cayman’s cultural tapestry by dressing up in your country colours or national dress. This is an island-wide event and donations raised will go directly to CNCF youth and cultural programming. For more information on how to get your organisation involved, email or call us on (345) 949 5477.  Read more:
"We must realise that we are more alike than different in our various cultural expressions and by working together we can have a more significant impact on our development as human beings. Setting aside one day specifically to showcase our national dress, food or other memorabilia, is a good start to the weaving of our cultural tapestry." – Lorna Bush, CNCF Programmes and Public Education Officer
'Red Sky at Night' festival • February 23rd • Festival Map
On Saturday, February 23rd from 4pm to 12 midnight, delicately tucked in the midst of colour-saturated trees and shining lakes, the F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre will be transformed for the ‘Red Sky at Night’ Festival! Read more:

Rihanna's set to launch MAC lines this May as she starts her tour – Billboard Magazine

Rihanna launches MAC cosmetics line
Rihanna's set to launch MAC lines this May as she starts her tour – Billboard Magazine
Thursday, February 21, 2013
On the heels of her River Island fashion debut at London Fashion week, Rihanna has landed a pretty sweet deal with MAC Cosmetics. The “Stay” singer called the collaboration a "no-brainer" in an interview with WWD and has joined forces with the beauty brand on several color collections launching this year.
"When you think of makeup, the brand that pops into your mind—for something legit—is MAC," Rihanna said. "Whatever color you want, it's like, 'Let's go to MAC.' I've been using MAC on tour for such a long time it was a natural fit for me. I have always loved makeup, and I always said that if I do it, I want to do it with a credible brand."
Contained in pretty pink packaging, the first item to hit stores is titled RiRi Woo. It’s a sultry flame-colored lipstick inspired by her favorite MAC red, Ruby Woo. And that’s not all! The Bajan beauty’s collection will also feature a summer line with two additional lipsticks: Lustre Drops and blush, a fall line with four lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadows and false lashes, and lastly a holiday line of 10 cheery items including nail polish and more lipstick. Read more:

Exhibition: Simon's shots - International photographer launches reggae exhibition on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013 -- Jamaica Gleaner

Photographer Peter Simon

Simon's shots - International photographer launches reggae exhibition
on February 21, 2013
Internationally respected photographer of reggae greats, Peter Simon, will mount a photo exhibition at the Pulse Centre starting Thursday. The exhibition will run for a month and is being mounted in partnership with Pulse. Called Reggae Bloodlines, the exhibition is a virtual history of Jamaica's popular music captured in pictures, spanning the pre-Marley period up to the present day. Many of the photographs are iconic images of these artistes, images which have become widely known on an international scale without the public being aware of their origin. Now Jamaicans can enjoy and acquire these images come Thursday. An interesting aside regarding Peter Simon, the brother of world-famous singer-songwriter Carly Simon, is the story told by Erik Nicolaisen, star of the recent VW Superbowl, Jamaica-influenced, 'feel good' ad, who was turned on to Jamaica through reggae music.
Relationship cemented - Said Nicolaisen, who gave his best impression of a Jamaican accent and attitude in the ad, "My relationship with Jamaica was cemented by what I learnt from the book Reggae International."
That book, which became Erik's bible, was co-authored by, guess who, Peter Simon. Read more:  For further information: and

'8 Year Affair' makes early waves - Protoje to do live show at Edna Manley on the weekend -- Jamaica Gleaner

'8 Year Affair' makes early waves - Protoje to do live show at
Edna Manley on the weekend
Published: Thursday | February 21, 2013
Numbers, it is said, never lie and the truth they tell about The 8 Year Affair is one of marked improvement for Protoje. While pundits near and far have been heaping praises upon the artiste's sophomore effort, masterfully produced by Donovan 'Don Corleon' Bennett for Don Corleon Records, it took actual figures to validate the mass response. On Wednesday, Protoje's effort was listed at number five on the Billboard Reggae Chart. By this measure of success, The 8 Year Affair has already surpassed the impact of its predecessor, The 7 Year Itch, but this is icing on the cake for the singer who declares, "I'm just making music from my heart, not music for the charts" on the album's final track, Music From My Heart. No. 4 Listing - Last week, the Billboard-affiliated, Next Big Sound, listed Protoje at number four. According to the official website, Next Big Sound measures "the fastest accelerating artistes during the past week, across all major social music sites, statistically predicted to achieve future success ..." On the iTunes Reggae Charts, Protoje quickly shot to number two in Germany, behind noted German band, Seeed. The St Elizabeth native also climbed steadily to number three in the United States, outdone only by Bob Marley's Legend (Deluxe Edition) and Legend (Remastered). The 8 Year Affair has also charted strongly in France, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Finland and Luxembourg. Read more:  For further information:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SHOSHANA WEINBERGER ARTIST TALK: Wednesday, February 20, 6 PM – Kingston, JA

Shoshana Weinberger Artist Talk
SHOSHANA WEINBERGER ARTIST TALK:Wednesday, February 20, 6 PM; Hi Qo Art Gallery; 24 Waterloo Rd, Kingston 10; Free and open to the public.
NLS is pleased to invite you to an artist talk by Shoshanna Weinberger. The event will be presented by Hi Qo Art Gallery in collaboration with Creative Sounds Ltd and NLS and is the first artist lecture in Hi Qo's new artist-based series ‘XChange". For further information:

RAWartists Atlanta presents DISCOVERY 2013 on Feb 21, 2013 at 8pm -- Atlanta GA

Tapestry by textile artist Samirah Raheem
RAWartists Atlanta presents DISCOVERY 2013
Time: February 21, 2013 at 8pm to February 22, 2013 at 12am
Location: Terminal West at King Plow, Atlanta, GA; Street: 887 West Marietta St NW; City/Town: Atlanta; Event Type: art, show; Organized By: Samirah Raheem; Event Description - Greetings All! This is my first show!!! My tapestries will hang in public for the first time. So excited! I'd love and appreciate your support. The show is Thursday, February 21, 8pm. Terminal West at King Plow in Atlanta. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, and are available here: It's a full-scale, multi-dimensional creative event, with music, a fashion show, and lots of wonderful work. Hope to see you there! For further information:

New Caribbean movie to be released in Jamaica -- Jamaica Gleaner

New Caribbean movie to be released in Jamaica
Published: Wednesday | February 20, 2013
After the successful run of the award-winning Caribbean films Hush 1, Hush 2 and Hush 3 in cinemas and schools across the Caribbean region, Step by Step Productions in association with Merville Lynch Productions is pleased to bring to the Jamaican audiences a new film - Chrissy. Chrissy is a film about bullying at school, relationships and the determination to succeed despite harsh conditions. It is an inspirational and educational film, which chronicles the story of a poor, 10-year-old girl who, through her strong faith and academic aspirations, overcomes issues of poverty, discrimination and bullying to help herself and her family. Chrissy premiered in England, Canada and Barbados in the month of November 2012, and is currently having a successful 10-week run in the Olympus Cinemas in Barbados. Due to the educational nature of the film, the Ministry of Education in Barbados has also allowed primary- and secondary-school children to view the film during regular school hours, and more than 67 schools have seen the film so far. Read more:

'VW ad man' here to promote Brand Jamaica -- Jamaica Observer

Tourism and Entertainment Minister Dr Wykeham McNeill (right)
 and Director of Tourism John Lynch (left) make presentations to Erik Nicolaisen
(second right), star of the VW Super Bowl ad, and his brother-in-law
Robert Murphy shortly after their arrival at the Sangster International Airport
in Montego Bay yesterday. (Photo: Aceion Cuningham)
'VW ad man' here to promote Brand Jamaica
BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
MONTEGO BAY, St James — Actor Erik Nicolaisen, star of the controversial commercial developed by automobile manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) for broadcast during the recent Super Bowl in the United States, arrived in the island yesterday as guest of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB). Nicolaisen, accompanied by his Jamaican brother-in-law Robert Murphy, was met at the Sangster International Airport by Tourism Minister Dr Wykeham McNeill, Director of Tourism John Lynch, as well as other JTB officials.
"...Thanks to the Tourist Board for bringing me here. We are going to do some video shoots to promote Brand Jamaica. I am an actor, that's what I do for a living... so if I can come down and act to help Jamaica, what a joy! That's why I am here," said an upbeat Erik Nicolaisen.
Nicolaisen, whose role in the VW 'Get Happy' commercial helped to promote Brand Jamaica, will be participating in a number of promotional activities for Destination Jamaica. "The Super Bowl VW ad created a lot of controversy... a lot of recognition for Jamaica and what is Brand Jamaica. So based upon that, the Jamaica Tourist Board has been in contact with the participants, and we are happy to welcome today Erik, also known as Dave, Sticky Bond Man, and his brother-in-law, Murphy, who are here in Jamaica and will be spending a few days with us," Dr McNeill told reporters yesterday. Nicolaisen was happy to be in the island to participate in the promotional activities. Read more:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Damian Marley set for Grand Cayman concert on Friday, 1 March, 2013 -- Caymanian Compass

For further info:

Damian Marley set for Grand Cayman concert appearance
By: Joe Shooman |
19 February, 2013
Double Grammy-winning artist Damian Marley is set to perform live at the Festival Green in Camana Bay. Mr. Marley heads a bill of local artists at the Spring Fest concert, which is scheduled to take place on Friday, 1 March, in Grand Cayman. The concert is promoted by YoungBlood Productions, Jean-Eric Smith said.
“[We] want to bring some unity in the community, before the upcoming 2013 Elections; music is love,” Mr. Smith said.
“The concert will give the entire Cayman Islands community – locals, expats and tourists alike – time to come together for one night and enjoy our island united under the stars, regardless of nationality or political affiliation.” -- Jean-Eric Smith
Local artists set to play include Mr. Notch, Daddie Stu, Rennie Conolly and Local Motion 345. Read more: For further information:

Sapna - The dream of Carnival -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Peter Hackshaw, left, Sapna’s writer Fazaad “Joe” Shageer, arranger Ray Holman
and Skiffle manager Junia Regallo at Junior Skiffle practice
Carnival Friday night. PHOTO: ROBERTO CODALLO
Sapna - The dream of Carnival
Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
If, as DJs have said, Carnival 2013 was regaled by some 4,000 songs, then the dream of the whole lot has been Sapna, a bit of cross-genre music in which our culture is courted by a love story and treated with lavish respect and due regard. It is a mashup that evolved from many minds. Subtitled the Dream, the chutney soca ballad as sung by Gerelle Forbes, was composed by Ray Holman and Fazad “Joe” Shageer. The lyrics are as plain and productive as the rural lifestyle of Shageer—a Muslim lyricist from Cunupia, married with four grown children—and deliver a deepening wisdom about sharing. The storyline could very well meet the demands of a Bollywood flick. Or, closer to home, be stylised as a movie about intolerance, a nation’s unhappy fame. A man leaves Penal with a dholak and dhantal for the capital, but on the way home gets lost and winds up in Laventille, where the people implore him to stay and join them in rhythm, in a sharing of their cultures. Read more:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Teachers exhibit at National Gallery through February 22, 2013 -- Caymanian Compass

'Sugarcane Cyclist' by Cayman artist John Broad
Teachers exhibit at National Gallery through Feb. 22, 2013
By: Natasha Were |
It has been a year since the National Gallery moved to its new home and opened the doors not only to its exhibition space but also to the Susan A. Olde Education Centre. Since then, a diverse group of artists and teachers have led classes running the gamut of artistic styles and media, from sketching in pencil to still life, abstract art and photography, all led by enthusiastic and talented instructors. In celebration of a successful year of providing art education, the National Gallery is holding an Instructors’ Show, exhibiting some of the featured works by the different teachers, including some by well-known local artist John Broad, who teaches the Sketching for Life I & II. There also is photography by Art Pasquali, pencil sketches by Gabrielle Wheaton, oil paintings by Lana Kostich and abstract art by Solenn Carriou. This exhibition is designed to show that the art classes are run by artists, for artists, says Eme Paschalides, the gallery’s education manager.
“Our instructors are extremely talented but not necessarily known by the public, sometimes because they are not recognized professionally. Yet they are artists with a very high command of their medium which they can pass on to others,” says Eme Paschalides. “The show is hoping to demonstrate these skills and inspire people who wish to pursue art to come to our art classes, for the desire to understand artistic thinking and process and to discover what that understanding can bring.”
The Instructors’ Show is on display in the Dart Auditorium until 22 February. Read more: For further information: For further information about the artist:

Reggae alive and well - Reggae University examines roots resurgence -- Jamaica Gleaner

International Reggae Conference 2013

Reggae alive and well - Reggae University examines roots resurgence
Published: Monday | February 18, 2013
Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer
Pete Lilly of the Germany-based Riddim Magazine started Saturday afternoon's Rototom Reggae University panel of the 2013 International Reggae Conference by noting the gap in perspectives on reggae from where he lives and where the music form was born. For a while, one prominent Jamaican selector had complained he could not get good reggae music from Jamaica and had to look to Europe for that, Lilly said "we have never been more excited about the developments" which have been termed "the reggae revival".

The panel: Protoje, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Jah9 and Dutty Bookman
So the panel duly examined this purported revival, with forthright guitarist Earl 'Chinna' Smith making it clear that "reggae never dead". He was one of four guests on the panel, the other three being Protoje, Jah9 and Dutty Bookman. Lilly's Riddim colleague Ellen Koehlings, David Katz and Pier Tosi were part of the discussion, in which they put questions to the guests who gave extended responses. Smith pointed out a huge difference in impact between someone like Eric Donaldson, who "come with Cherry Oh Baby and mash up the world" and some currently hot artistes who are on magazine covers but making little impact. "What music is today is a magazine thing," Smith said. Jah9's New Name from her upcoming debut album, to be released later this month, was played to indicate the high quality of reggae being produced now. Responding to Koehlings' question about her path to reggae and working with Smith, Jah9 described Chinna's Inna De Yard base as "a meeting point where the elders share the knowledge with the new generation"... Protoje's Reggae Revival (with guest Romain Virgo) from the Eight Year Itch album, which was released last week, was played before Protoje outlined how persons of his generation have had to search for reggae, which was sparse on radio and stage shows when they were growing up. He described how the live scene, which has been crucial to the increased reggae visibility, grew from 20 people to 50 to 500 and more. Read more:
For further information about the International Reggae Conference 2013:

All the love in the world -- Caymanian Compass

“Butterfly Flower” by Luelan Bodden (Photo Jewel Levy)
All the love in the world
By: Jewel Levy |
18 February, 2013
Artist Luelan Bodden has created a special Valentine’s sculpture to represent all the love in the world. The piece is called “Butterfly Flower” and is fashioned from conch shells found in the Cayman Islands. Inspired by the love of his wife, Dawn, to whom he has been married for 22 years, Mr. Bodden spent four, eight-hour days making the sculpture. It has the feel of glass and ceramic and he cut the shells with diamond blades similar to tools used by a dentist.
“Conch shells already have their own art, so I just tried to adapt what was already there. The thing about sculpting is being able to see what you want to make, before you even begin... Conch shells are often discarded once the meat has been removed, so I use them to create art. I’m big fan of recycling and we all need to play our part to be more environmentally responsible.” -- Artist Luelan Bodden
Luelan is a self-taught artist who likes to use recycled materials in his pieces. “Conch shells are often discarded once the meat has been removed, so I use them to create art. I’m big fan of recycling and we all need to play our part to be more environmentally responsible,” he said. The “Butterfly Flower” follows on from a piece he made for Dawn last year, also created from conch shells. Read more: For further information about the artist:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Changing face of Britain -- Jamaica Observer

Miss Jamaica UK Gemma Feare

Changing face of Britain
Howard Campbell
Sunday, February 17, 2013
FOR many years, Caribbean immigrants in Britain packed grounds like Lords and Old Trafford to support the West Indies cricket team. They stood in terraces and cheered star footballers such as Cyril Regis. But being black in the United Kingdom has changed considerably in the last 25 years. Gemma Feare is part of that transformation. The 21-year-old Feare is the reigning Miss Jamaica UK. Unlike West Indians who moved to the UK in droves during the 1950s, she was raised in a much more tolerant society, something she recently spoke to the Jamaica Observer about.
"Things are definitely easier for my generation, when my father moved to England there was a lot of racism against people of colour. There's still underlying tones (of prejudice) but there are so many positives now, like institutions prepared to help persons of different ethnic backgrounds in business or entertainment," Feare said.
A flood of immigrants from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean in the past four decades has made the UK world's largest melting pot. The capital, London, is the hub for much of that diversity. Feare was born in the East Midlands, an area in England known for its large West Indian community. Her father is from Westmoreland while her mother was born in London but also has roots in that west Jamaica parish. The slender Feare has visited Jamaica regularly since infancy through trips initiated by her parents to help build awareness of her Caribbean heritage. Read more: and For further information:

Bolt in shock over Pistorius arrest -- Sports Illustrated (AP)

Usain Bolt (L) says he is in shock over the news that Oscar Pistorius
 may have killed his girlfriend. Photo Credit: BRUNOPRESS
Posted: Saturday February 16, 2013 2:58 AM
Bolt in shock over Pistorius arrest
HOUSTON (AP) - Usain Bolt was in shock when he heard fellow Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius had been arrested and charged in the shooting death of his model girlfriend. In an interview with The Associated Press on Friday night after the NBA's All-Star celebrity game, the Jamaican gold medalist still couldn't seem to believe it. "For me, I'm really trying to take it all in,'' he said. "When I heard, I was in shock and I'm still just trying to process it in my head to see if this is really real. So I need to listen to what's going on and see what's really happening.' Pistorius was arrested in the Valentine's Day killing of 29-year-old model Reeva Steenkamp. The double-amputee runner had become a darling in South Africa and beyond after competing in the London Olympics with high-tech prosthetics. He was in tears Friday when he appeared in court where he was charged with premeditated murder, which carries a life sentence. Bolt says he doesn't know Pistorius well, but that he has seen and spoken to him at various events. Asked if he plans to reach out to the sprinter who became a star of the London Olympics, Bolt wasn't sure. "I've got to stand back and see what's going on and then I'll decide what to do," Bolt said. Source:  Read more:

I'M SORRY: As February 25 sentencing approaches Machel expresses regret to victims of assault outside nightclub -- Trinidad & Tobago Express

Soca star Machel Montano awaits sentencing (T&T Express photo)
I'M SORRY: As February 25 sentencing approaches Machel
expresses regret to victims of assault outside nightclub
By Nigel Telesford
Story Updated: Feb 17, 2013 at 12:00 AM ECT
Soca star Machel Montano has apologised to the assault victims involved in the fracas outside a nightclub in Port of Spain in April 2007. Finally freed from the burden of competition, Montano was last weekend able to take his mind away from the stage and Carnival 2013. The double Soca Monarch winner was found guilty on four charges of assault against Gerard Bowrin, Brandis Browne, Janelle Lee Chee and Russell Pollonais on December 10 last year. He was also found guilty of using obscene language during the incident which took place outside the Zen nightclub, Keate Street. Montano, along with songwriter Kernal Roberts, the son of calypso icon Lord Kitchener; Joel "Zan" Feveck, a member of Montano HD Family; and Rodney "Benjai" LeBlanc were all charged with a series of criminal offences arising out of a fracas outside the nightclub. Roberts was also found guilty on two charges of assault while Benjai and Feveck were found not guilty.
"Now that it has all come to an end," he said, "I take the time to reflect and I admit it has been an emotionally demanding year for me, to say the least. I travelled to different continents to record, completed two albums, toured the world and dealt with the unfortunate five-year court case before me. I am grateful to my family, friends, fans and well-wishers for all the support I have received. I'd like to express my regret and apologise to the victims and their families for the series of events that have affected their lives over the past few years. The actions on that day five years ago have produced unintended consequences and for that I am deeply sorry. My hope is that we learn from this unfortunate incident and become pillars in our communities to ensure these calamities never happen again." -- Machel Montano
Montano will be sentenced on the five charges on February 25. In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express, Montano took time to reflect on the last year and issued an apology to the victims of the incident at the Zen. Montano expressed humility and wonder in his ability to "still be relevant" in the industry and praised the works of the younger generation of artistes. Read more:

Vegetarian fare -- Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Trinidad Vegetarian Curry for Lent from T&T Guardian

Vegetarian fare
Published: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Many people choose the Lenten season to reduce the amount of meat in their diet, some choose to avoid it for the full season. But this is a good habit that can be carried through the whole year. Incorporating a meatless day every week into your diet can only do your body more good than harm. It eases up your digestive system and gives your body a rest. A meatless day does not necessarily mean substituting fish for meat, what it really translates to is using vegetable protein in place of animal or fish protein. Think of tofu, TVP (textured vegetable protein), peas and beans. These are all high-protein, low-fat, easily-digested and easy-to-prepare meatless options. The tastiest of these three alternatives I admit are the peas and beans, which are naturally occurring and so naturally delicious. However Tofu and TVP can be equally delicious when flavoured with dried spices, fresh herbs and fired up with hot peppers! Read more for recipes: