Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reggae Month begins with Dennis Brown - Full slate of JaRIA events for February -- Jamaica Gleaner

Dennis Brown ( photo)

Reggae Month begins with Dennis Brown - Full slate of JaRIA
events for February
Published: Thursday | January 31, 2013
Sadeke Brooks, Gleaner Staff Reporter
Crediting the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) for helping with the resurgence of reggae music, the organisation's vice-chairman, Charles Campbell, says he is looking forward to February's staging of Reggae Month. Campbell, who is also JaRIA's executive director, said Reggae Month will be staged under the theme 'Reggae 50...A New Dawn'.
"We have seen the impact that Reggae Month and JaRIA has had in trying to inspire positive changes in our music scene and the flowering of these young bands and artistes is something that we take pride in. We find that artistes are looking at more conscious universal themes in their music. We believe that Reggae Month has been having an impact in that way. There is a reggae renaissance taking place in Europe and we shouldn't let that pass us by," vice-chairman Charles Campbell told The Gleaner, noting that Chronixx was brought on stage by Kabaka Pyramid at last year's Reggae Wednesdays.
But for this year, while not perfect, Campbell says the preparations have been going well "thanks in large part to the support of the Jamaica Tourist Board and CHASE Fund. So we expect another good year." Read more:

Anya to take over the Avenue -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

Anya Ayoung Chee ( photo)
Anya to take over the Avenue
Thursday, January 31 2013
Local fashion designer Anya Ayoung Chee is set to take over Ariapita Ave between Carlos St and Murray St (at Adam Smith Sq), Woodbrook today for her first showing of her line in the Caribbean since winning the American reality series, Project Runway Season 9. “This event is very dear to me.” Anya said, adding, “I think it’s going to be ground breaking for Trinidad.” The event, which is free to the public, begins at 8 pm, and according to the designer, is designed for the public to experience fashion in a brand new innovative way.
I want to thank Trinidad and Tobago! Thank you everyone! This is to all the people for their support. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you. This show is for you guys,” said Anya.
She continued, “This feels like the biggest thing I’ve done. It’s amazing how this was put together and built up. I’m so proud and thankful to showcase this. It’s beyond words how excited I am for this show. I’ve anticipated this the most of all since winning Project Runway and am eternally grateful the opportunity has arisen at this time.” About holding a fashion show so close to Carnival, Anya said, “Usually, you might expect such a fashion show away from Carnival so that it gets full focus and isn’t diluted by the atmosphere but this show fuses Carnival together with fashion. They’re like twin sisters to me and are intricately woven. Although different, this is a chance to show how they go hand-in-hand.” Read more:,172814.html,  For further information:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book Reviews: Amazon's Trinidad and Tobago Authors

This is a review for Carnival, Canboulay and Calypso: Traditions in the Making by John Cowley - Before I purchased this book, I had this unquenchable thirst for how the carnival culture came to be in Trinidad & Tobago. What was canboulay? How did stickfighting originate? How did costumes come about? The music, the singing. As a Trinidadian, I felt it was my duty to have this knowledge. I spoke to my parents, older family members, calypsonians and anyone who had knowledge of our culture past and present. Then I bought "Carnival, Canboulay and Calypso; Traditions in the making." I couldn't put it down. There was an excitement in the learning process. I had no clue as to how Trinbago's culture evolved from then to now. I can only describe this book one way. "Excellent!" Read more:

This is a review for Folklore & Legends of Trinidad and Tobago by GĂ©rard Besson - "Folklore & Legends of Trinidad and Tobago" is an absolutely authentic folklore book, presented in the classic "raconteur" style of the French Antillean culture. It has beautiful illustrations by Trinidadian artists like Peter Shim and Stuart Hahn, each of whom became subsequently very famous in their own right, and by the famous illustrator of the 1950s, Alfred Codallo. This lovely, whimsical book gives both background explanations of the various folklore characters that populate Trinidad's lore: Papa Bois, the keeper of the forest; the Soucouyant, a vampire-like character; La Diablesse, the spirit of the woman wronged; the Ligahoo or shape changer, and many, many more. These explanations are interspersed with stories, poems, even excerpts from other publications like for example "Ti Jean" by Nobel Prize Winner Derek Walcott who graciously contributed to this book. "Folklore & Legends" is organised by folklore character, and each section is to be read as though sitting by a blazing fire, on the beach, with a raconteur silencing the group and capturing their attention with the traditional: "Et crique?" and the listeners answering: "Et craque!", indicating their readiness to listen, and to keep the narrative in their hearts to in turn pass it on to another generation. It's a wonderful book about Trinidad, by Trinidad, with Trinidad in its soul. Read more:

This is a review for Carnival Music in Trinidad: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music Series) W/CD by Shannon Dudley - Shannon Dudley clearly grasps an essential point of calypso and Carnival in this fine little book, and that is that through tradition the people of Trinidad - at least Carnival devotees- are continuously asserting and reformulating their individual and social identities by signing, playing, and acting out masquerades. This compact handbook is good for students who want to begin the arcane journey into Trinidadian Carnival music. --Donald R. Hill, State University of New York. Read more:

Monday, January 7, 2013

CARICOM stock market review 2012 -- Jamaica Gleaner

CARICOM Headquarters
The following is a reprint of a popular Jamaica Gleaner article from earlier this year as requested:
CARICOM stock market review 2012
Published: Monday | January 7, 2013
The year 2012 was a challenging one for equity investors in CARICOM. Despite solid gains on manufacturing, conglomerate and banking stocks, returns were depressed by declines on tourism, real estate, insurance, investments and retail stocks. As a result, the CSX 30, which tracks the 30 most influential stocks in CARICOM, posted a modest gain of 7.27 per cent for the year. Investors in Junior Market shares had a torrid year. The CJSX, which tracks the returns of Junior Market shares in CARICOM posted a decline of 20.48 per cent. New readers should note that returns are in US dollars, and reflect movements in the stocks price (capital gains), dividends and movements in the exchange rate against the US dollar. For the year, 1,991,884,759 shares valued at US $400,107,790 crossed the floors of the six stock exchanges across CARICOM, with 50 stocks advancing, 74 declining and 8 remaining unchanged.Sagicor Life Jamaica was the most active stock of the year with 358,057,483shares being traded. Demerara Tobacco Company posted the largest g ain for the year,117.32 per cent, while on the losing end, Caribbean Cement Company fell66.51 per cent. Read more:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

UDC encouraging beautiful gardens -- Barbados Advocate

Huntes Gardens Barbados

UDC encouraging beautiful gardens
The Urban Development Commission (UDC) continues to emphasise the importance of beautiful communities through its Garden Beautification Competition. Yesterday, Director of the UDC Derek Alleyne, alongside sponsors National Conservation Commission (NCC) and Dacosta Manning Ltd., presented the winners of the 2012 competition with their prizes. Grand prize winner, Donna Branch of Maynard’s Land, Bush Hall, St. Michael was rewarded for her hard work with a Garden Enhancement Package compliments the NCC and a $500 gift voucher compliments Dacosta Mannings. During the presentation, Alleyne indicated that the Garden Beautification Competition is one of the many projects the Commission is trying to do in adding the environment as part of their programme. He went on to point out that one of the challenges the Urban Development Commission has is maintaining its properties, and the competition is assisting with this. “The Competition is geared towards the development of gardens, flowering plants and trees, and it invites our clients to go green by utilising recyclable materials within their presentations. Read more: