Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Exhibition: “Imprint” the first Bahamian group print show - show continues into January 2019 at Doongalik Studios Art Gallery — The Bahamas, WI

“Imprint” November 30, 2018-January 2019 
at Doongalik Studios
Exhibition: “Imprint” the first Bahamian group print show - Opening Reception on Friday, November 30, 2018 @ 6:00pm-9:00pm; show continues into January 2019 at Doongalik Studios — Nassau Bahamas, West Indies; Location: Doongalik Studios Art Gallery; Address: #20 Village Road, Nassau City, New Providence, Bahamas; Tel (242) 394-1886 / email:; Websites: Doongalik Studios-Facebook and Doongalik Studios
Event Description: “Doongalik Studios is proud to announce the opening of the first Bahamian group print show entitled ’Imprint’ on Friday, November 30 from 6-9pm. The Exhibition will feature the works of master artist, Max Taylor, along with Sue Katz and Kendra Frorup ... The idea of a group show of Bahamian print artists was something that Taylor has wanted to do for years. Teaming up with Katz and Frorup will make for an interesting exhibition, as each artist will be bringing their own style of printmaking to the mix. Well known as the Bahamas’ premier printmaker, particularly for his large and elaborate wood cuts, Taylor has spent his life as an artist pursuing all manner of printmaking, having recently completed an etching course in the U.S. As an artist he believes that one should never stop learning as there are so many different art forms to be pursued. Etching is a labour intensive, time-consuming process which allows the artist to develop textures in various ways ... A relative newcomer to the world of printmaking, Katz, who trained as an illustrator and is known for her stellar paper collage work, first started take printmaking courses ten years ago by attending workshops in Santa Fe and Chicago as well as in Florence, Italy. She was attracted to the fact that printmaking had a graphic quality and style and she felt that it was an opportunity to work with a different medium which would take her to another level of creativity and thus give her the chance to combine many of her artistic elements. She was ready to step outside her box ... The Exhibition will be on display into January 2019. Doongalik Art Gallery and Studios, #20 Village Road, Nassau, The Bahamas ...”Read more: Doongalik Studios-Facebook and NAGB-Imprint at Doongalik
About Doongalik Studios: “Doongalik Studios was formed in the 1970's by Jackson Burnside, architect, artist and cultural advocate and his wife, Pam. The couple have spent their lifetime together committed to promoting the country's outstanding artistic talent which they firmly believe can establish The Bahamas as an international center of creativity.”Read more: Doongalik Studios-About
For further information: Doongalik Studios-Facebook and Doongalik Studios.

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