Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Event: “The Tobago Heritage Festival - Bring Back de Ole Time Days" continues through Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at Multiple Venues — Tobago, WI

Tobago Heritage Festival” July 13-August 1, 2017
Event: “The Tobago Heritage Festival" on Thursday, July 13, 2017 to Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at Multiple Venues — Tobago, West Indies; Event Details - Where: Multiple Venues — Tobago, West Indies; Contact Telephone: (868) 639-4441; Email: tobagoheritagefestival@yahoo.com; Website: Tobago Heritage Festival
Event Description: “The Tobago Heritage Festival returns to the island from July 13th to August 1st 2017 under the theme 'Bring Back de Ole Time Days – Len’ Hand.' This year, the event reverts to its two-week long schedule and it promises to deliver engaging and enlightening cultural events produced by the Committee, as well as the various host villages ... It is expected that the condensed programme will allow all participating bodies to deliver a cohesive and rich series of events geared toward preserving unique cultural traditions, while simultaneously educating visitors and locals about the island’s societal roots ...” — Read more: Tobago Heritage Festival
Tobago Heritage Festival” July 13-August 1, 2017
About the Tobago Heritage Festival: “The Tobago Heritage Festival is an annual event created to preserve the unique cultural traditions of Tobago. The Festival has grown from year to year and runs from mid July to the beginning of August, attracting thousands as they celebrate as communities. The Festival is by far the main event on the Tobago cultural calendar and it is considered and accepted that the Heritage Festival is to Tobago, what Carnival is to Trinidad. During the entire Festival, visitors and returning Tobagonians are able to visit the many quaint and friendly villages and experience their way of life, language and varied oral traditions, culture, dances, music, environment and, of course, their culinary delights. So come to Tobago and join the many thousands to witness the spectacle that is The Tobago Heritage Festival ...” — Read more: Tobago Heritage Festival-About
For further information: Tobago Heritage Festival and Tobago Heritage Festival-About.(720)

Tobago Heritage 2017 Teaser - video by visittobago

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