Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Exhibition: "Sailing Forever" by OmorO - show runs through Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at BSoA — Bermuda, West Indies

"Sailing Forever" by OmorO June 16-July 4, 2017 at BSoA
Exhibition: "Sailing Forever" by OmorO - Opening Reception on Friday, June 16, 2017 @ 5pm-7pm; show runs through Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at BSoA — Bermuda, West Indies; Event Details – Where: The Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA); Location: The City Hall Arts Centre; 17 Church Street; Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda; Telephone: 441-292-3824; Fax: 441-296-0699; Email: info@bsoa.bm; Gallery Hours: 10am–4pm Monday–Friday; 10am–2pm Saturdays
Event Description: “OmorO celebrates the beauty of The America’s Cup in Bermuda with his Art Show 'Sailing Forever.' The French artist Olivier Moreau (OmorO) will display 40 watercolors at the Bermuda Society Of Arts (BSOA) in the City Hall of Hamilton during the 35th America’s Cup (June 16th – July 4th 2017) . The Art Show contains many sailboats, including, the six incredible catamarans AC45 racing in the Great Sound. You will also discover antique design vessels and older AC’s sailboats. You may be puzzled by some surrealist crafts, but you can set your compass on the Sailor’s Ladies ... For more information telephone 292-3824 or email info@bsoa.bm ...”Read more: BSoA-Sailing Forever by OmorO and BSoA-Facebook
About the Artist: “Olivier Moreau (OmorO) was born in France in 1958 at Enghien les Bains. He was nurtured and inspired in his childhood by the Green Perigord and the Pink Granite Coast of Brittany. When he was 15 years of age his family moved to Québec. He lived there for 7 years before setting out alone for British Columbia. There that he met his wife, and together they travelled to Bermuda where they stayed from 1984 to 1990 before casting their anchor in Martinique. Ever since then, the French-Caribbean island has served as his residence and as a starting point for many other voyages ... His study of the sciences (Physics at Laval University, followed by a Bachelor of Science at U.B.C.) and a few other courses, simultaneously, in the fine arts, confirmed OmorO’s appreciation of art and science as complementary activities: both of them based on research and experimentation. Self-taught, he evolved in his craft through the study the Old Masters and the advice of his artist friends. OmorO began to practice the fine arts with his friends in Québec. Their first show  'Épingle à Linge' was held in 1981. Subsequently, he exhibited his work in Vancouver in 1984 and in Bermuda in 1990. As he naturally began to assume the responsibilities of providing for his family, he devoted himself to producing works purely for the pleasure. In 2010, he once again began to exhibit his work in art galleries with a solo show at the Atrium in Martinique, in the Galerie Arsenec ...”Read more: OmorO-Bio
For further information: The Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA) and BSoA-Facebook. For further information about the Artist: OmorO-Bio.

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