Saturday, May 27, 2017

Event: The Annual “Cruzando Fronteras (Crossing Borders) Cultural Festival” continues through Saturday, May 27, 2017 in Mahahual, Quintana Roo — Mexico

“Cruzando Fronteras Cultural Festival” May 20-27, 2017 @ Mahahual, Mexico
Event: The Annual “Cruzando Fronteras (Crossing Borders) Cultural Festival” from Saturday, May 20, 2017 through Saturday, May 27, 2017 in Mahahual, Quintana Roo — Mexico; Event Details: Where: Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico, Websites: Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival and Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival-Facebook.
Event Description: “The intention is to invite Mahahual to writers, artists, craftsmen, directors, writers, and musicians, without limits (we have no borders, even living on the last frontier, we reject the very idea of ​​'limit' or 'border' because we love Cross them, surpass them, and amalgam them) to this mixture of artists from different cultural spheres; And also to create a kind of 'mutual contamination of knowledge' under the aegis of an Ecotourism People, Mahahual, who has to teach at the same time that he is anxious For learning and knowing. Therefore there will also be spaces dedicated to the exhibitions of the materials produced during the Festival and those brought by the invited artists. The Festival intends to bring together a series of events, or rather, a broad set of annual events, involving the institutions of the participating countries to consolidate a meeting that seeks not only to satisfy the needs of art and culture of the inhabitants of Quintana Roo, but above all to further develop the innate ecological awareness of its people and to provide international support for the protection of the coral reef, the largest in Mexican territorial waters. Here is Mayan and Mayan culture is the origin of many of its inhabitants; Their language is still spoken and written ...”Read more: Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival-About
For General Information: Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival-Facebook, Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival-About and Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras Festival. Related Article:

"ENTREVISTA VEINTIDÓS MUSIC - video by Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras

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