Saturday, April 22, 2017

Exhibition: Featured Artist, Alison Chapman-Andrews, is now on display at Gallery NuEdge — Barbados, West Indies

Artist Alison Chapman-Andrews at Gallery NuEdge Barbados
Exhibition: CURRENT SHOW: Featured Artist, Alison Chapman-Andrews, is now on display at Gallery NuEdge Barbados — Barbados, West Indies; Event Details: Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd. is located in one of the most prestigious developments in Barbados, 1st Floor, Building B, the Limegrove Lifestyle Center, right in the heart of Holetown, St. James, Barbados. Contact Info – Phone: +1 246-621-0067; Email:
About the Artist: “Although trained in English art schools, my 'art vocabulary' was developed in the West Indian landscape. I drew in Barbados and Guyana where the rural environment became my inspiration and my subject. As the subject was familiar and not "difficult", I was free to pursue my own interpretations and impose my ideas, which have changed through many phases.  When I arrived in Barbados 40 years ago, I saw reminders of England in cultivated cane fields and plantation houses beneath avenues of royal palms. This interest changed to exploring the gullies, formed by collapses of caves in a limestone landscape. I showed the moon with its energy animating masculine trunks. The moon positions in the composition became like the final square in a board game. The focus of my painting and my life has narrowed and simplified lately. Current works are often single trees, or plants.  A Christmas palm in my garden is often seen up close, drawn from observation, and records changes in light or growth.”Read more: Alison Chapman-Andrews Bio
About the Venue: “Gallery NuEdge features the most sought out contemporary artists from the local and international market. Exhibits include art in the form of multi-media, sculpture, painting, photography, and art installation.”Visit our website: Gallery NuEdge and Gallery NuEdge Barbados
For further information about the gallery: Gallery NuEdge and Gallery NuEdge Barbados.  For further information about the artist: Alison Chapman-Andrews Bio and Alison Chapman-Andrews.

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