Sunday, April 16, 2017

Exhibition: Khaya Witbooi's “History Begins with a Garden” - show continues through Sunday, April 16, 2017 at Gallery MOMO — Johannesburg, South Africa

“History Begins with a Garden” March 16-April 16, 2017 at Gallery MOMO
Exhibition:  Khaya Witbooi's “History Begins with a Garden” Opens on Thursday, March 16, 2017; show continues through Sunday, April 16, 2017 at Gallery MOMO — Johannesburg, South Africa; Event Details - Location: Gallery MOMO; 52 7th Avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg 2193, South Africa; Telephone: +27 11 327 3247; Email:
Event Description: “Sometimes we ask flowers to speak for us, to tell our love, jealousy or gratitude; but flowers can reveal other truths if we let them. They can tell about the love and hate of our past and the controversies of our present, unlocking the political history of their beauty and poetics. The same inquiry would unveil the protected space of the garden itself as a place of symbolic and material production, where sublime beauty still emerges as a surplus value of the dirty hands of others labor. 'History Begins with a Garden' is an exhibition by Khaya Witbooi curated by Mariella Franzoni, in which the artist explores the colonial genealogy of gardens and gardening in South Africa, bringing to light its relation with slavery, land dispossession and nationalist propaganda. Questions like, ‘how the beauty of South Africa’s nature is produced, protected and celebrated? For whom? At whose expense?’ motivate the ambivalent exploration of the notion of a garden as a space of beauty and violence at the same time ...”Read more: Gallery MOMO-History Begins with a Garden and Gallery MOMO-Facebook
About the Artist: “Khaya Witbooi was born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and currently lives and works in Johannesburg. He coined the word “pap-art” – being “pap” the traditional poor staple food in Southern Africa – to define his personal approach to contemporary art as a self-taught artist. Witbooi’s collage-style paintings, created from a combination of stenciling and spray paint on canvas, are strongly influenced by graffiti and pop art, as well as hip-hop culture and aesthetics. Interested in social critique and parody, he focuses on post-colonial and post-apartheid political tensions as well as on the paradoxes of consumerism and globalization, always conveying humor and sarcasm. While appropriating media like installation and performance, Witbooi explores the dialectics between material and immaterial labor, cognitive and manual skills, fordist and post-fordist productive systems and knowledge and ignorance, reflecting on how those relations keep consolidating global asymmetries in the social and racial hierarchies of contemporary South Africa ...”Read more: Gallery MOMO-Khaya Witbooi
About Gallery MOMO: “Gallery MOMO is a world renowned contemporary art gallery situated in the suburb of Parktown North, Johannesburg. The gallery was founded in 2002. Artists exhibiting at the gallery have been at the forefront of the local and international art world. These artists, through their respective genres, keep pushing the boundaries of local and international markets. The gallery continues to support local and international young-and-upcoming talent through its renowned residency program. This program allows artists to exchange ideas and engage with the new environment ...”Read more: Gallery MOMO-About and Gallery MOMO-Facebook
For further information: Gallery MOMO-History Begins with a Garden and Gallery MOMO-Facebook. For further information about the Artist: Gallery MOMO-Khaya Witbooi. Related Article:

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