Saturday, February 11, 2017

Exhibition: “Paintings by Che Lovelace” – continues through Saturday, February 11, 2017 at Half Gallery — NYC, USA

“Paintings by Che Lovelace”
Jan 11-Feb 11, 2017 at Half Gallery NYC
Exhibition: “Paintings by Che Lovelace” – continues through Saturday, February 11, 2017 at Half Gallery — NYC, USA; Event Details - Location: Half Gallery, 43 East 78th Street, New York, NY; Telephone: (212) 744-0151; Website: Half Gallery NYC
Artist's Statement: “'The use of combined board panels to create paintings began from the practical need to find a painting support that is stable, archival, relatively inexpensive and one that I could source here in Trinidad. It was a slow process but eventually I began considering these dividing edges of the panels as a way to rethink the version of space I was making in the picture. By treating each panel as a separate entity, while simultaneously building a larger scene, I started to break up the expected sequence by which I constructed the image. I was constantly confronted with these breaks on the surface - sometimes I ignored them, running color over the seams. In other moments I made abrupt stops at these boundaries. I used both fresh new panels or discarded panels from failed compositions lying around in the studio. And so it goes, in a kind of back and forth, I was at once disrupting and mending the image. I covered and obscured the underbelly of the painting by introducing a figure, elements of a landscape or architecture. Suddenly, the painting would be in the realm of recognizable things. Chance configurations and glimmers of abstraction gave way to a new superimposed image. This fluctuation is constant. The goal is always to make the parts whole again.' -Che Lovelace (Pictured above: Che Lovelace, 'Figure on the Rocks'...Casper 50" x 60" 2016)  ...” — Read more: Half Gallery NYC
About The Artist: “Che Lovelace is a Trinidad born visual artist working in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He is the son of award winning writer Earl Lovelace. He presents his very first solo show in New York with oil-on-panel compositions. His paintings are pensive and expressive mainly focusing on human bodies in action. His use of color is extremely passionate and often puts life in lifeless objects. His imagery responds to the landscape and daily life of his home country ...” Read more: Blouin Art Info-Che Lovelace
For further information: Half Gallery NYC. Related Article: Blouin Art Info-Che Lovelace.

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