Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Art Sale: "Arts-A-Flutter" - continues all month through February 2017 at the Masterworks Museum — Bermuda, West Indies

"Arts-A-Flutter" February 2017 at Bermuda Masterworks Museum
Art Sale: "Arts-A-Flutter" - continues all month through February 2017 at the Masterworks Museum — Bermuda, West Indies; Location: Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, 183 South Road, Bermuda Botanical Gardens. The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art is located in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Paget. Bus routes 1,2 & 7. Signage in the Gardens will direct you to the museum; Tel: (441) 299 4000 | Fax: (441) 236 4402; Email: mworks@logic.bm; Website: Bermuda Masterworks Museum
Event Description: "The Masterworks team would like to share the wealth of heART we have accumulated over the years with our members! For a limited time during the month of February we will be selling pieces of art from our office due to our redecorating. We will be charging $5/ inch of frame for each piece. None of the pieces we will be selling are from permanent collection. First come, first serve! ..."Read more: Bermuda Masterworks Museum and Bermuda Masterworks Museum-Facebook 
About the Masterworks Museum: “Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art is a not for profit organisation, which means that our funding comes from friends in the community and abroad. We rely entirely on the generosity of others, through donations, our volunteer programme and membership. Part of our mission is to build a major collection, not only of Bermuda art from the past, but also one that embodies the artists of today, as well as a vision for the future. By embracing all art forms, we hope to encourage artists from both Bermuda and abroad to develop their talents in our inspirational island setting. We also encourage the repatriation of works of art inspired by the island, and welcome any gift that may enhance our Collection.”Read more: Bermuda Masterworks Museum-About
For further information: Bermuda Masterworks Museum, Bermuda Masterworks Museum-Facebook and Bermuda Masterworks Museum-Twitter.

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