Sunday, December 18, 2016

Exhibition: “Chantal Bethel: Holey Space” - show continues through Sunday, December 18, 2016 @ 5:00pm at NAGB — The Bahamas, West Indies

“Chantal Bethel: Holey Space” Oct 27-Dec 18, 2016 @ The NAGB
Exhibition: “Chantal Bethel: Holey Space” from Thursday, October 27, 2016 through Sunday, December 18, 2016 at NAGB — The Bahamas, West Indies; Event Details: Place: National Art Gallery Of The Bahamas; Location: West St. & West Hill St., Nassau, New Providence; Phone: (242) 328-5800; Email:; Website: The NAGB-Facebook and The NAGB
Event Description: “In Bethel’s 'Holey Space,' we honor the matriarch, goddess, Atabey as she hunts, gathers, protects and glistens like gold in the shine of the sun. She is unmovable; the heroine, mother and the center of her parable. Here she is already fiction, already lost, the frame of her body writhing on history pages, withering away slowly from our collective memory and what we are left with are traces. In Bethel’s imagery, there are semblances of a kind of Eden that we can acknowledge. An Eden that disappeared overnight with the arrival of Columbus and the 14th-century explorers which heralded the extinction of the Tainos; the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. The Caribbean and in particular the region of The Bahamas is iconic for its claim to infamy, being the place of explorer’s arrival and since then, a sublime paradise ... Resuscitating the language of the Taino, Bethel’s archaeological dig happens in service of self and others. An act of remembrance and recalling something so distant from our lived in reality pays testament to how things are inherited and how we find peace through the pain and love through the ritual of thought. We are honoured to showcase the important body of work that is represented in Chantal Bethel’s 'Holey Space' ...”Read more: NAGB's Chantal Bethel: Holey Space-Event Page and The NAGB-Facebook
About NAGB: “Housed in the historic Villa Doyle, built in the 1860s and lovingly restored in the 1990s, the NAGB preserves the National Collection of Bahamian Art, part of which is on permanent display on the ground floor. Upper galleries engage the history of Bahamian Art and Visual culture and support contemporary movements and experimental contemporary art practice through temporary exhibitions. The NAGB also has an extensive public program schedule, community and regional projects and partnerships, arts education workshops, and a free public art library.”Read more: The NAGB-About
For further information: NAGB's Chantal Bethel: Holey Space-Event Page, The NAGB-Facebook and The NAGB.

Chantal Bethel Holey Space Opening Reception from NAGBahamas on Vimeo.

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