Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Current Exhibitions: “Fashion Forward” and “Fresh Emerging Artists 2016” - shows run through Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at BSoA — Bermuda, West Indies

“Fashion Forward” & “Fresh Emerging Artists”
Aug 26-Sept 13, 2016 at Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA)
Current Exhibitions: “Fashion Forward” and “Fresh Emerging Artists 2016” - Opening Reception on Friday, August 26, 2016 @ 5:00pm-7:00pm; shows run through Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at BSoA — Bermuda, West Indies; Event Details – Where: The Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA); Location: The City Hall Arts Centre; 17 Church Street; Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda; Telephone: 441-292-3824; Fax: 441-296-0699; Email: info@bsoa.bm; Gallery Hours: 10am–4pm Mon–Fri; 10am–2pm Saturdays
Event Description: “The Bermuda Society of Arts will open two new exhibits on Friday, August 26, with a free opening reception to be held from 5.00pm to 7.00pm - 'Fashion Forward' and 'Fresh Emerging Artists 2016' ... Shows run through Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at BSoA — Bermuda, West Indies ... The show entitled Fresh Emerging Artists will be displayed in the Onions Gallery. BSoA invited 7 artists, who you may not be to familiar with to display current works of various mediums. Their Emerging Artists show is always inspiring and fresh. In the Edinburgh Gallery, BSoA presents Fashion Forward, a prelude exhibition to their popular Fashion Collective show that will be held on November 3rd 2016. Look forward to seeing the art of fashion displayed from the designers themselves ... Come join us at BSoA to meet the artists, see live models and support the arts this Friday 5pm-7pm.”Read more: http://nothingtodoinbermuda.com/2016/08/august-24th-2016-bermuda-events-update.html and https://www.facebook.com/thepeoplesartgallery
About BSoA: “The Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA) is membership based organisation, directed by an 11-strong governing body who oversee policies and procedures. A Gallery Director and Assistant Gallery Director deal with the day to day administration and running of BSoA Galleries ... Affectionately known, as ‘The People’s Art Gallery,’ BSoA encompasses four separate galleries; the largest of which is the Onions Gallery, comprising of 2,000 sq feet, next is the Edinburgh Gallery, comprising of 650 sq feet and two smaller studios, Studio A and B, comprising of 450 sq feet each. With shows that change approximately every three weeks, BSoA usually hosts in the region of 50 shows a year and regular fixtures for member-artists include four members’ shows plus a members’ photographic show per year. In addition, the Society hosts an inspiring exhibition of art and sculpture by Bermuda’s school children and the Bermuda College each spring. Other regular features include the 'Mindframe' exhibit by clients from Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MAWI) and 'Timely Reflections' featuring art from Bermuda’s prisoners. At other times during the year, individual artists and groups of artists rent gallery space to display and sell their works. From time to time, the Society joins with other art organisations to host special exhibitions and events.”Bermuda Society of Arts http://www.bsoa.bm/about/
For further information: http://www.bsoa.bm/ and https://www.facebook.com/thepeoplesartgallery. Related Article: http://nothingtodoinbermuda.com/2016/08/august-24th-2016-bermuda-events-update.html.

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