Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Call for Submissions: “City Arts Festival 2016 Request for Proposals” DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 by the City of Hamilton — Bermuda, West Indies

“City Arts Festival 2016 Request for Proposals” August 24, 2016
by the  City of Hamilton
Call for Submissions:  “City Arts Festival 2016 Request for Proposals” Deadline: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 by the City of Hamilton — Bermuda, West Indies; Event Details – Where: The City of Hamilton; Location: City Hall; 17 Church Street; Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda; Telephone: 441-292-1234 or 441-279-5254; Email:
Event Description“In 2015, for our 200th Anniversary year, the City of Hamilton decided to revamp and rebrand its art festival event so that it not only represented the visual arts but also the musical and performance arts, and thus the City Arts Festival was created. The City Arts Festival includes public art initiatives as well as an event featuring many mediums of art and a celebration of the art culture on our island. Our aim is expand the art in the City of Hamilton and bring all of the art communities together in one place where we can celebrate art in Bermuda. The City Arts Festival art initiative is to work with Bermuda’s arts organizations and independent artists to help curate and implement public art installations in the City of Hamilton. In 2015 we commissioned artists from different groups to enhance 4 locations in the City and as a result of the installations each piece has become a staple piece in the City, drawing crowds to our capital, loved by visitors and locals alike...” — Read more: City of Hamilton
Scope of Proposal“For this year we are looking to commission 5 art installations to help beautify 5 new locations that will be celebrated at the official opening event on October 15th 2016. This event will feature information about the new displays, a craft market, live music and visual artists ... Proposal Deadline: All proposals must be hand delivered no later than 5:00pm, Wednesday, August 24th, 2016. Submit your proposal to the City of Hamilton offices at the following address: City of Hamilton; Attn: Tamara Bradshaw; City Hall; 17 Church St; Hamilton, HM11...” — Read more: City of Hamilton
For further information: City of Hamilton. Related Article:

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