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Amazon's Book Reviews: Caribbean Authors — Colin Channer

Colin Channer is a Jamaican writer, often referred to as "Bob Marley with a pen," due to the spiritual, sensual, social themes presented from a literary Jamaican perspective. Indeed, his first two full-length novels, "Waiting in Vain" and "Satisfy My Soul," bear the titles of well known Marley songs. He has also written the short story collection "Passing Through," and the novellas "I'm Still Waiting" and "The Girl with the Golden Shoes." Some of his short stories have been anthologized. Colin Channer (born 13 October 1963 in Kingston, Jamaica) is the youngest of four children. He attended the Ardenne and Meadowbrook High Schools where his writing career began with the penning of love poems and other such correspondence on behalf of male students at $1 a letter – poems costing an extra 50 cents. After high school, Channer migrated to New York on 24 July 1982, intent on a career in journalism. But it was his discovery of Caryl Phillips' "The Final Passage" that allowed him to see the possibilities of fiction writing from an authentic Caribbean - specifically Jamaican - perspective. Channer went on to earn a B.A. in Media Communications from CUNY Hunter College. Read more:

This is a review for Waiting in Vain: A Novel by Colin Channer - As I start to write this review, I am worried that I will not find the words to adequately express how much I loved this book! I have read books where I have loved and rooted for characters as friends. This was the first time I saw myself and my thoughts in characters, and felt understood. It was great to read about characters who were well-traveled, enjoyed learning, loved music and books, yet were down to earth. Waiting in Vain is a beautifully poetic novel about love, loss, self-discovery, and fulfillment. Mr. Channer provides emotional and academic stimulation; he also touches on class and political issues. I was so engrossed with sitting in on the lives, feeling the breeze, and tasting the fruits that I forgot I was reading. The book also gave me hope, in that if a man could write with such passion, love, and sensitivity there is a chance I will find my fire. Buy this book! You will not regret it, most likely you will thank me. Read more:

This is a review for Passing Through by Colin Channer - I discovered Colin Channer a little less than a year ago when I found his first novel WAITING IN VAIN in the laundry room of my building in Brooklyn. I was drawn in by his Brooklyn roots and promises of a sexy tale.By the time I finished reading it I was totally seduced, enchanted, delighted, and disturbed. I had never read erotica written quite so well by a man. Colin gets into the minds, bodies, and souls of his characters and with his special talent for manipulating words allows his readers to experience the story from the inside . After finishing, I proceeded to order the rest of his works from Amazon ,read them all twice, and I told everyone I knew about this gem of a writer. His lastest book, PASSING THROUGH, is a collection of seven distinct stories, that are told over a hundred years on the fictional island of San Carlos in the Caribbean. The characters in the seven stories are connected by blood and other ties. Each story can stand alone but together, they read as a novel. PASSING THROUGH is different from his other books because there are no nice little love stories here. These seven stories deal with themes such as incest, S&M, immoral love, obsessive love, narcissism, adultery, vengeance, and the separation of the classes, races, and sexes. All these stories are told with Colin's unique use of language which this reader cannot describe in a way that will do his talent justice. If the promise of a good story does not bring new readers to this great artist, the promise of good sex should. No one writes sex and provocative dialogue quite the way Colin does. Ladies, don't say I didn't warn you.Thank you Colin for sharing your gift. I can't wait for your next one. May you be blessed with a long life. Read more:

This is a review for Iron Balloons: Hit Fiction from Jamaica's Calabash Writer's Workshop by Colin Channer - The collection Iron Balloons: Hit Fiction From Jamaica's Calabash Writer's Workshop, begins with an introduction by Colin Channer, an organizer of the workshop and author of one of the stories in the collection. He explains that music has been the huge creative outlet for Jamaicans, whereas creative writing and reading for pleasure have been more exclusive and restricted, not as publicly supported or loved as the music of the island. His introduction sounds almost like an apology for the stories to come but no apology is needed. There are real gems of story telling in this collection, and all of the stories are good. What they share is the ambience they exert, a distinctly Jamaican mix of family and church, duty and pleasure; the stories express the flourishing of these traits, sometimes at odds and sometimes in complete harmony and rolling rhythm. Read more:

Garfield Ellis Interviews Colin Channer Part 1 - video by Garfield Ellis

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