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Exhibition: “DECAY” By Nicholas Emery EXTENDED until Saturday, December 13, 2014 at Medulla Art Gallery — Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

“DECAY” By Nicholas Emery from Nov 13-Dec 13, 2014 at
Exhibition: “DECAY” By Nicholas Emery - EXTENDED until Saturday, December 13, 2014 at Medulla Art Gallery — Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies; Event Details - Where: Medulla Gallery; Location: #37 Fitt Street, Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain; RSVP: Tel: (868) 740 7597 / Email:
Artist's Statement: "'I am creating something that is disappointing and yet has great hopes – a cycle of positive and negative energy that is in a constant state of renewal.' This is not me speaking, but Hang Xiaotao, a well known Chinese artist, on his absorption with decay. See other interesting examples of decay in a short article entitled “Art from Decay: 11 Masters of Trash, Rust & Rot.” Here is the link, We can see from this article, and our own observations, the universality of decay in our world, and thus the significance to the artist of representing it. By considering decay we also learn of the importance and symbiosis it plays in the regenerative processes and life forms. “Cut a chrysalis open and you will find a rotting caterpillar…as such the process of transformation consists almost entirely of decay” (the author Rebecca Solnit). So, this and other ideas about decay in Trinidad will be open for discussion at my artist talk on Wednesday 10th December 2014 at 6:30pm and I encourage anyone who wants to attend to do so. In addition, please kindly note that my show at Medulla Gallery has been extended beyond Thursday December 4th, until Saturday 13th December 2014. To view the work the gallery is open between the hours of 10am to 6pm Monday – Friday, or 11am to 2pm on Saturday. Private viewings are also possible by contacting Martin Mouttet at 740-7597 at Medulla Gallery, which is located at #37 Fitt Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain. If you don’t know where Fitt Street is, it’s off Ariapita Ave between Cornelio and Murray Streets (Ring the bell that is next to the gate for Medulla gallery)."Read more:
Event Description and Artist's Statement: “MEDULLA is pleased to invite you to: “DECAY” By Nicholas Emery - OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, November 13, 2014 from 7pm-9:30pm; EXHIBITION CLOSES: Thursday 4th December 2014:  ' Decay is a phenomenon that occurs naturally in the Caribbean, albeit at an accelerated rate. In vital ways this accelerative feature separates or distinguishes itself from other parts of the world, where geologic time scales seem firmly entrenched and decay expresses itself at a snail’s pace. However, in Trinidad we are able to witness decomposition daily, such that it has become part of our way of life here, and thus it is not uncommon to watch a fresh coat of paint wear, or a concrete wall crack, and then begin to collapse under pressure from wind, rain, and sun. In many ways our response to these phenomena directly impacts our collective behavior, and impacts our ideas about society and even the organization of society. How do we feel about the abandoned house next door where trees have taken root and are growing through the roof, the overgrown lot with 6ft grass, junked out old cars, sunken ships, and so much more – this, in terms of our new modern and global society?' -- Nicholas EmeryRead more:
About the Artist: “Nicholas Emery is an American painter born in the West Indies. Emery returned to Trinidad, the country of his birth, in 2005, where he lives and works as an artist. Emery largely uses self-examination as the driving force for the thematic narrative of his work. As a result, some of the major themes to emerge substantially influencing Emery’s work are Nature and urban architecture. These themes were reflected, among other works, in his Pattern language pieces exhibited at his first one-man show at Soft Box Gallery, entitled Urban Introspective, in 2009 in Trinidad. In the fall of 2011 Emery attended an international artist residency and began his first figurative series of work using his experience and knowledge of Caribbean people to formulate and communicate his ideas about body, place, and color. This work eventually culminated in his second one-man show at Soft Box Gallery entitled Glimpse, in the spring of 2012 in Trinidad.”Read more:
About the Gallery: “Medulla Art Gallery has been established to carry on and develop the traditions of Aquarela Galleries. Medulla, as the name implies, will provide a core space for art education with public participation through exhibitions, forums and workshops. Geoffrey MacLean, Martin Mouttet and Isabel Brash hope to use Medulla to demonstrate art, not only as a social expression, but also as a medium for therapy and growth. Medulla seeks to produce and promote exhibitions and ancillary events of established and emerging artists.”Read more:
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