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Amazon's Book Reviews: Caribbean Authors — Elizabeth Nunez

Elizabeth Nunez immigrated to the US from Trinidad after completing high school there. She is the author of eight novels. Boundaries (PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award and nominated for the 2012 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Fiction); Anna In-Between (long-listed for an IMPAC Dublin International Award and starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal ); Prospero's Daughter (2010 Trinidad and Tobago One Book, One Community selection; New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice, 2006 Florida Center for the Literary Arts One Book, One Community selection, and 2006 Novel of the Year for Black Issues Book Review); Bruised Hibiscus (American Book Award); Discretion (short-listed for the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award); Grace; Beyond the Limbo Silence (Independent Publishers Book Award); and When Rocks Dance. Read more:

This is a review for Not for Everyday Use: A Memoir by Elizabeth Nunez - Elizabeth Nunez has written a book about love: love of family, love of place, love of literature, and even the love of human flaws. Not for Everyday Use manages to be a memoir rich with tenderness that doesn't shy away from pain and loss. Reading this book was like sitting with a dear friend for a long conversation and only later realizing I'd been in the presence of a true artist. It's not easy to sound casual but attain the profound yet somehow Nunez pulls it off, page after page. --Victor LaValle, author of The Devil in Silver. Read more:

This is a review for Stories from Blue Latitudes: Caribbean Women Writers at Home and Abroad by Elizabeth Nunez, et. al.  - STORIES FROM BLUE LATITUDES is a collection of short stories from female Caribbean writers known and unknown. The authors tell about life in the Caribbean, the dissent and unrest on their islands, they tell of love, sexual exploitation, family life and abuse. The stories are vividly told and are rich with the details Caribbean writers are so adept at doing in their writings. The compilation has 26 short stories and one poem, so the writings are quite diverse. However, all the stories are written powerfully. The anthology features such renowned authors as Edwidge Danitcat, Paule Marshall, Jamaica Kincaid and Elizabeth Nunez as well as some lesser known authors such as Velma Pollard, Alecia McKenzie and Olive Senior. Some of the stories are sad and some display eroticism of a Caribbean nature very intensely. A few standout stories are: "First Born," by Alecia McKenzie which talks about the love of a mother for her first born son to the exclusion of her other children; "The Good Life," by Patricia Powell which deals with a woman who as a child fell in love and later bore the children of a married older man; and "In a Window," by Dionne Brand which tells of a young Caribbean woman living in Amsterdam who made her living as one of the women in the window. These are only a few of the stories but most will remain in your psyche long after the final pages are read. Read more:

This is a review for Discretion by Elizabeth Nunez - What is the price of passion? According to Oufoula, discretion is the better part of valor. Oufoula is an African man representing his country as an diplomat. Oufoula is married to Nerida, the daughter of the President of his homeland. Through his extensive travels, Oufoula meets and greets like-minded people; people interested in securing necessities for their homelands. One evening the name Marguerite is mentioned and Oufoula is mesmerized. He has dreamt about a woman named Margarete; the woman that Goethe's Faust sold his soul to the devil for. When dreaming of Margarete, Oufoula is actually despising a past love by the name of Mulenga. Oufoula is bound and determined not to let the love of someone destroy him as it did his mother. To replace passion, he has his work for his country to contend with. After meeting "the" Marguerite, Oufoula's life changes and love enters. Can a man actually love two women for two totally different reasons at the same time? Read more:

This is a review for Beyond The Limbo Silence by Elizabeth Nunez - The widely respected and extremely talented author of When Rocks Dance and Bruised Hibiscus, Elizabeth Nunez brings us another powerful, lyrically superb piece of writing in BEYOND THE LIMBO SILENCE. Among a growing list of gifted writers from Trinidad-Tobago, Nunez chronicles the agonizing personal struggles of Sara Edgehill as she leaves her native Trinidad for a Catholic women's college in radically different Wisconsin. But there's much more to this story than merely "making cultural adjustments in a new environment." The author skillfully and brilliantly interweaves and delicately balances socio-politics and artistry into a bold intellectual defiance of literary convention by inviting the reader into the sometimes unfathomable mysticism of Caribbean reality. And what better historical vehicle to employ than the explosive dynamics of the 60s? I have had the pleasure of hearing Ms Nunez speak before a live university forum and this story to me reads more like a stolen page from her own life that she has chosen to share with us than a fictional account of a young girl experiencing college life in a faraway land. this is vigorously commanding storytelling which I admire greatly. This is a MUST READ novel. Read more:

Eldridge & Co.: Elizabeth Nunez-"Not for Everyday Use: A Memoir" video by cunytv75

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