Friday, June 27, 2014

Exhibition: “The ‘Art Is’ Event, Art For The People!!!” ENDS on Friday, June 27, 2014 — Detroit, MI, USA

‘Art Is’ Event  ENDS on Friday, June  27, 2014
Exhibition: “The ‘Art Is’ Event, Art For The People!!!” ENDS on Friday, June  27, 2014 at Liberal Arts Gallery — Detroit, MI, USA; Event Details – ENDS on Friday, June  27, 2014; Location: Liberal Arts Gallery; Street: 3361 East Gratiot; City/Town: Detroit, MI 48207; Phone: (313) 671-7983; Event Type: art, exhibition; Organized By: Geno Harris
Event Description: “Poor Man’s Art Collective (PMAC), Liberal Arts Gallery & Crème Detroipolis Presents: The ‘Art Is’ Event, Art For The People! June 13, 2014 (Detroit, MI) – The ‘Art Is’ Event is an exhibition that follows the successful format of bringing together uniquely diverse and talented artists in a collaborative effort. This event will showcase works by established and emerging artists from an array creative genres, pushing the envelope by challenging the ideas of what is accepted as art by the mainstream art community. The exhibition will bring to the viewing public art that is authentically created , affordable and free of restriction with, NO JUDGES OR PANELS to hinder the creative process. Come Join: Mychal Noir, Reggie Abstrkt, RoseMarie Wilson, Natalie Bandele, Detroit Bleu, Dawud Shabazz, Alejandro Valtierra, Duane Vaughn, Jimmie Scott Robinson, Steven Athanas, Jay Coleman, Yvette Kahari, Kelly O’Brien Geno and special guest artists: Quaint and Timothy Buhl at: Liberal Arts Gallery, 3361 East. Gratiot, Detroit, MI 48207. PMAC is proud to present Crème Detropolis.- a delicious, delightful, divine sweet potato treat, the new benchmark of comfort food!”Geno Harris, PMAC Co-Founder
About the Gallery: “This is a unique space designed to accommodate Artists, Performers, Community Events and a variety of Private meeting and gatherings. Plan your next soiree at Liberal Arts Gallery. Located in Detroit, just minutes from downtown.”Liberal Arts Gallery
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