Sunday, August 11, 2013

Etana completes first US tour as headliner -- Jamaica Gleaner

Etana completes first US tour as headliner
Published: Sunday | August 11, 2013
With her extensive catalogue and her high-energy sets, Etana consistently delivered powerful performances throughout her tour. With three successful studio albums under her belt, reggae songbird Etana recently completed her biggest tour of the United States (US). The tour, which was in support of her third album, Better Tomorrow, saw Etana headlining shows in more than 15 states and 24 cities across the US. The tour took Etana from Utah to Connecticut in six weeks with stops in Louisiana, Las Vegas, San Diego, Montana, Oakland, Indianapolis and more. "It's been a while since I toured in the US, so I really didn't expect this tour to be as big as it was. It was my first tour in the US as a headliner, but I didn't expect to see as many people at some venues or to receive the love I got," Etana said. No idea what to expect - She added that she had no idea what to expect since she had not toured in the US since 2008. "I knew I had a lot of work to do and it wasn't until I actually started doing the shows that I started to relax and from then, the energy never left," she told The Sunday Gleaner. Describing her fanbase as diverse, Etana said her audience consisted of mostly Caucasians. "I have no idea why this is so. They really love reggae music and I'm happy that I have such a diverse fanbase," she added. The singer said she wanted this tour to be different for her fans and music lovers and was adamant that any tour in the US would have to be designed with not just the album in mind, but the fans.
More than a performance - "I talk with my fans all the time because they are who my time on stage is about. And we really looked at how we could give our fans more than just a performance." -- Etana quoted by the Jamaica Gleaner
The solution? Etana brought the band. Literally. "What makes this tour so special to me, and to all the people who came out, is that I had my own band from Jamaica. We have been working together for some time and it's impossible to replicate the kind of synergy a band and an artiste share. It gave me total freedom to create the kind of show I wanted to share with my fans," Etana remarked. Etana's debut as a headliner in the US is even more important to the artiste because female reggae acts "rarely tour without pairing with other artistes, or opening for male artistes". Read more: For further information: and

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