Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Remembering Mr T&T
Published: Thursday, July 11, 2013
Joslynne Carr Sealey’s book on the life and work of her father Andrew Carr weighs in at a kilo and change, packing some 400 odd pages, yet to quote Ashton Chambers’ 1977 tribute: “To write about the man is to write volumes about the cultural heritage of T&T; a task of gargantuan proportions.” The task becomes even more onerous when one grasps that Carr, great-great grandson of King David, a freed slave who settled in Belmont and grandson of Englishman Thomas William Carr, a director of the ill-fated Tropical Emigration Society and one time proprietor of the Trinidad Chronicle, was a largely self-educated polymath. Those who only know Carr for his research into the Belmont Rada community, or his writing about traditional Mas should be grateful to his daughter for documenting his many other interests and achievements which besides redefining prolific would have taken a lesser mortal several lifetimes to even begin matching. Read more: Related articles: and

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