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'Now and Then' exhibition ENDS 25 April, 2013 -- Caymanian Compass

Past and present merge again through the magic of technology at the
“Now and Then” exhibit through 25 April, 2013-National Gallery
'Now and Then' exhibit ENDS 25 April, 2013
By: Natasha Were |
Those who missed the highly acclaimed “Now and Then” exhibition at the National Gallery the first time around have another opportunity to see this collection of photographs that, through technologically advanced digital manipulation, blend past and present. Due to overwhelming demand, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands will be exhibiting Now and Then once again, for a short, one-month run, beginning 18 March. The collection of images is a stark reminder of the dramatic changes the ‘islands that time forgot’ have undergone in a few short decades. Working with archival photographs from the Cayman Islands National Archives and the Cayman Free Press Steinmetz Collection, photographer Courtney Platt has created what he calls “a wormhole in time” by merging photos of the present day with those from several decades ago. Viewed as a whole, the images reveal how life in Cayman has changed over the years. The effect can be haunting - and not only for the viewers.
“I felt shivers down my spine at times,” says photographer Courtney Platt. “There was a moment when I was doing a shot at Hog Sty Bay, with the image of Joseph Steinmetz photographing the Commissioner coming ashore. I suddenly had this profound sensation to be standing looking at the exact spot that this man, who was no longer alive, had stood so many years before.”
It was the director of the National Gallery, Natalie Urquhart, who approached him with the idea of blending old and new photographs. Courtney, who has more than 30 years experience as a photographer, including having shot eight assignments for National Geographic, had seen similar work before. He understood the technique that was used and was happy to take on the challenge. Not only was it technically ambitious, but he had a little over three months in which to complete the project from start to finish. Read more:,-again/. For further information:

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