Friday, March 15, 2013

‘Dear Joseph’ exhibition opens today -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

Artist Carlisle Chang (
‘Dear Joseph’ exhibition opens today
Friday, March 15 2013
The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago will today launch Dear Joseph, an exhibition of works from the national art collection at the Marie Louise Hall. The Museum would also launch the newly restored 1962 maquette for the Piarco Mural titled “The Inherent Nobility of Man” by Carlisle Chang. This exhibition gets its title from a letter by artist Chang around 1961, addressed to fellow Trinidadian artist Joseph Cromwell-Assee, then living in London. Chang mentions a number of artists, institutions and events, such as “Sybil Atteck, Nina Laming, Joan St Louis, Noel Vaucrosson and Hugh Stollmeyer” and “a young Chinese from San Fernando named Will Chen;” “Mr Minshall closed his studio” and “Mrs Wyke is embroiled in political activism;” “The Art Society now is housed at the old Woodbrook market, called the T’dad Art Centre;” “Some of us are expecting to work on the Hilton Hotel” and “I am also preparing a mural for the new Piarco airport.” The exhibition includes the artists mentioned in Chang’s letter, but also has more recent works from other artists. There are sections in the exhibition which highlight printmaking techniques such as etching and silkscreen, as well and the 18 contemporary works featured in the Museum’s 2013 calendar. Read more:,174882.html. For further information about the artist:

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