Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trini Born Author Releases Second Book -- Trinidad & Tobago Express

Trini Born Author Releases Second Book
By Sue-Ann Wayow sue-ann@trinidadexpress.com
Story Created: Feb 11, 2013
NOT satisfied enough with her job as a research analyst in the United States, Trinidad born author Wezlyn Todd began writing. Last year December, Todd released her second book titled " Daily Tonic", meant to be an inspiration daily devotion book. Her first book, filled with short stories, is called " Sometimes I wonder." It was published in November 2011. Her books are available at www.BarnesandNoble.com and www.Amazon.com. The 58-year-old left the country in 1989. She said having the opportunity to travel to Europe and the US encouraged her to remain abroad. In her mid thirties, she decided to live in the US. Originally from Tunapuna, Todd attended the Tunapuna Anglican Primary School and Tunapuna Secondary High School. She now lives in Brooklyn New York. Todd who is divorced is the mother of one son, Daniel Todd, 28. Recently, the full time author has been travelling to various states marketing her two books. She said she has no regrets leaving her former job and she enjoyed writing.
"It is a joy to wake up to do it,"   Todd said, "I did a lot of soul searching and I always knew that there was something more than my nine to five job. I know that we are all born with a gift and I decided to tap in and find out what is my gift. I decided I wanted to share my journey with the world."
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