Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Levy 'fumes' about flag stomping -- Jamaica Observer

Barrington Levy (http://www.barringtonlevy.com/)
Levy 'fumes' about flag stomping
By Howard Campbell Observer writer
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
SINGER Barrington Levy, whose hit song Murderer is used in a German television advertisement featuring a burning Jamaican flag, says he finds parts of the commercial offensive. Levy told the Jamaica Observer that he first saw the ad yesterday on YouTube. He describes the scene where a man stomps on the burning flag to extinguish it as "disrespectful." "They could have found a different method to do that. I never liked that at all," said Levy. The ad was produced by the Saturn Coffee Shop, a German company and was aired last week. Levy, 48, says Saturn's management approached him recently to use Murderer as part of their promotional campaign. Levy said he agreed but had no idea the visual would involve offensive use of the Jamaican banner. "We made the necessary arrangements in terms of licensing but we never discussed anything about burning or stomping on the flag," he said. The ad, which is produced in German, shows two men making coffee in a store. They accidentally start a fire that ignites a Jamaican flag hanging in the establishment. In an effort to prevent the fire from spreading, one of the men takes the burning flag outside, throws it on the sidewalk and starts stomping on it to put out the blaze. It has been condemned in some quarters. Olivia Grange, the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party spokesperson on culture, was among the unimpressed.
"Whilst the commercial with heavy Jamaican influences may have been devoid of malicious intent as partly illustrated by the prominent unfurling of the Jamaican flag in the end, it is unacceptable to have images of Jamaica's national flag being desecrated in fact the same is true for any national flag the world over," Grange said in a statement.
Saturn's controversial promo aired three weeks after another German company, Volkswagen, ran a satirical ad during the Super Bowl in the United States. Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Levy--fumes--about-flag-stomping_13727027. For further information: http://www.barringtonlevy.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/Riddimkilla

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