Thursday, February 28, 2013

Four galleries join forces to ‘Keep Bermuda Art Alive’ on Fri. March 1, 2013 -- Bermuda Sun

Artwork by Jennifer Lawson who will be painting all day on March 1, 2013
Four galleries join forces to ‘Keep Bermuda Art Alive’
Sarah Lagan, Writer/Sub-editor
Wednesday, February, 27, 2013
Four major art galleries have joined together in an effort to Keep Bermuda Art Alive. The Bermuda National Gallery, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, The Bermuda Society of Arts and the Arts Centre at Dockyard they are due to host a collaborative art tag day this Friday in the City of Hamilton with the hope of generating support.
Heidi Cowen of the Arts Centre at Dockyard said: “Art is an important part of the island’s heritage and many of the art galleries on the island are in need of support. As our motto is Keeping Bermuda Art Alive, we approached the other galleries with the idea of a joint tag day.” Elise Outerbridger, Masterworks curator added: “This is a terrific opportunity to work together and share our common goals and ambitions.”
To further the recognition of art in our community, the organizations have also planned an Art Appreciation Day where various forms of art will be featured throughout the City of Hamilton on the same day. Read more: For further information about the artist:

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