Friday, February 22, 2013

Anne Hilton Review - Art exhibition at Piarco Airport: Trinidad and Tobago Carnival by Istvan Ducsai -- Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival by Istvan Ducsai
Art exhibition at Piarco Airport
By Anne Hilton Friday, February 22 2013
If you had, or until the end of this month have time to spare at the Piarco International Airport (and who hasn’t as they wait for relatives and friends to check in) you may have seen, or perhaps still have a chance to see István Ducsai’s art exhibition in the airport’s atrium. This exhibition is the outcome of a two-month visit to Trinidad over Carnival 2010 by Hungarian artist István Ducsai and his fellow Hungarian photographer friend Attila Abuczki. The aim of this exhibition is (and I quote the artist’s statement from the catalogue) “to convey in a consequent and unique way an attitude towards life that comprises happiness and sorrow, sin and impunity, life and death … "
“Obviously, these paintings are about a mentally and physically sound nation, the people of Trinidad and Tobago and convey a message for them, as well as make us acquainted with their daily life, customs and natural beauties and biggest festival … This is why the author’s (sic) philosophy reads as follows: The reason why these paintings were created is not to separate nations and people, but to bring them together …” -- Hungarian artist István Ducsai
... And that is Carnival Trinidad style as a Hungarian artist sees us. The exhibition in Piarco runs until the end of February, after that the 18 paintings that comprise the entire collection may be on view in one or other of the commercial galleries in or around Port-of-Spain.Read more:,173811.html. For further information about the artists and exhibition:!/media/set/?set=a.371347089564614.89539.371330496232940&type=3

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